Ruby Battles with Temptation

On this week’s episode, Ruby faces several dieting bumps in the road. Ruby is battling with resisting temptation and sticking to her pre-packaged meal plans. Sticking to the diet and avoiding temptation are two huge factors for slipping up and causing you to cheat. Ruby avoids her temptation by staying headstrong and determined along with the help of her support system, her friends. Ruby did slip a little and veered off her diet by ordering a smoothie with her friends. Although she slipped, she did do a couple of good things, 1) she only drank half of her smoothie instead of finishing all of it and 2) she went to her team of experts and asked for their help so she wouldn’t slip again.

The only thing that bothers me about the show is their constant wording of “diet”. Everyone, including Ruby, continuously repeats that Ruby is “on a diet”. Personally, I think if they shifted their wording to say she is changing and improving her lifestyle everyone would be better off.

Whenever you hear the word diet, there is the bland, boring thought or taste that occurs, but if they switch and focus on it as a lifestyle change (that’s exactly what it is… she’s doing this so she will live!) they would improve the mental part of “dieting”.

Ruby is going strong and staying focused. Staying mentally determined is such a huge component to weight loss. So far, she is doing great and hopefully she will continue!

Follow along on her journey by watching Ruby’s videos.

5 Responses to Ruby Battles with Temptation

  1. Norma Black says:

    I, too, have battled weight all of my life. Looked pretty good in my early 20’s but genetics took over. I have two sturdy grandmothers on my mom’s side that were built like refrigeraters–so no matter how hard I fought at 5′ 3 I was destined to be over 200 lbs.
    I finally got gastric bypass Oct 31st so have dropped weight with you over the last 2 months. Mine is easier though –as I have no hunger and sometimes don’t feel like eating at all. Keep at it–you have lots of wonderful support it looks like. i will be rooting for you on this side of the tube!!

  2. linda wolff says:

    dear ruby,

    i have been watching your show and am very impressed how well you have done..u look beautiful any way…u r a classy lady.. i am the heaviest now and i am very unhappy and afraid i will get even more weighty…i am scared and wish i had a better support system like you have. do you have any suggestions for me..i am a cancer survior and have been thru a lot of operations and ordeals, too much to get into, but i have been extremely deprssed and unhappy with my life. linda

  3. Rosie says:

    Ruby~ You are beautiful inside and out, and are truly an inspiration to me. I watch you every week, and am so proud of your progress.
    I recently read a cute tip on weight loss, it went like this: If you break one plate of the good china, do you go oops and be careful with the rest? OR do you just slam the rest of the china on the floor to crumble and break also? Kinda like weight loss and temptation, when we give in, do we go oops or just crumble and break?

  4. louisa says:

    Ruby , I thank that your doing a good job, And your looking good girl, Dont stop keep going, all of America is behind you.

  5. Dee says:

    Ruby, you are true inspiration! You are changing so very much. It is such a pleasure to watch you and your reaction to all that is happenning in your life. You are so honest and candid. I thank you that you allowed your life to be put on TV to inspire so many! You are just a wonderful lady…

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