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What is it?

Physicians Formula is a skin care and makeup company committed to creating innovative products designed especially for sensitive skin.  They claim their formulas are free from more than 100 known irritants still found in cosmetics and skin care products on the market today.

Physicians Formula offers many different products targeting problem areas.  There are creams for the eyes, balm for lips, and general skin care products.  The various lines are also organized on their website by specific skin care goals, each with its own unique formula and function.

Our review experts have compared many different anti-aging products, and have found the best option out there to be Kremotex.  Made with apple stem cells, shea butter, and other natural ingredients leading anti-aging science, users are praising its dramatic results.

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Physicians Formula Ingredients and Side Effects

Key ingredients found in Physicians Formula products:

Titanium Oxide Zinc Oxide Shea Butter
Apple Fruit Extract Sodium Chloride Dimethicone

 Titanium Oxide: Naturally occurring mineral used in cosmetics and skin care as a thickener, whitener, and lubricant. It also protects skin from UVA and UVB radiation.

Zinc Oxide: Mineral commonly used in cosmetics and skin care products as a sunscreen and a colorant.

Shea Butter: Proven to be an excellent skin moisturizer.  It also contains natural anti-aging properties as well as anti-free radical protection.

Apple Extract: This natural antioxidant contains essential fatty acids proven to hydrate and plump the skin.

Sodium Chloride: Naturally occurring compound that is often used in cosmetics and skin care products as a thickener, binder, and preservative.

Dimethicone: Inorganic silicone polymer used as a skin protectant and conditioner.  Some studies have shown that it can make skin drier over time.

Physicians Formula Quality of Ingredients

Physicians Formula ingredients vary depending on the specific product line, but most Physicians Formula products list Titanium Oxide and Zinc Oxide as the first two ingredients, making them good choices for protection from the sun.  These two ingredients also help to fill in lines and creases, making them good for minimizing the effects of aging.

Many of the products also contain ingredients with natural anti-aging properties, like apple extracts and shea butter.  These ingredients have been scientifically proven to aid in cell regeneration and the production of collagen, naturally reducing the visible signs of aging.

The Argan Wear line uses Argan oil to moisturize and condition the skin, and the Organic Wear line claims to use only organic, paraben and irritant free ingredients.  The Mineral Wear line centers around natural minerals, and are said to tighten and repair skin.

Specific product lines targeting certain skin problems and concerns is intriguing, but at such a low price compared to other skin care products, consumers should be aware of subpar ingredients. One should always consult a specialist when considering skin care products to make sure they are the right for your skin type.

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The Price and Quality of Physicians Formula

Physicians Formula products are a fit with almost any budget, with most items priced under $20.  This makes it very affordable to try them without spending too much money.

The products are not only available on their website, but they can also be found at most drug and retail stores that sell skin care and cosmetics.

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Business of Physicians Formula

The manufacturer of Physicians Formula is Physicians Formula Holdings, Inc. 

Phone: (800) 227-0333

Address: Physicians Formula Holdings, Inc

1055 West 8th Street

Azusa, CA 91702

Email: There is an email contact form on the website.

There are not many complaints against the company.  The few complaints are not about the products, rather about rebates offered by the company, but not honored.

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EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using anti-aging creams for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of Physicians Formula

Customer reviews of Physicians Formula range from highly positive to very negative.  Skin care products affect everybody’s skin differently depending on individual skin type, allergies, proper application, and other contributing factors. Until you try it you won’t know how well or how poor it works for your skin.

Fortunately, there are many online reviews available to help consumers make informed decisions.

One customer complained of breakouts, but still gave a positive rating because it is so affordable to try different products and find one that works:

“I tried the Ultra Nourishing Illuminating Argan Oil, and it felt nice on my skin, but it broke me out.  I found the Organic Wear BB sunscreen less heavy, and didn’t clog my pores!  Physicians Formula makes me happy.”

One customer was happy with the product itself, but frustrated with the packaging:

“It was easy to use and didn’t force me to use a bunch of different products.  It did the job but all three times I ordered, it came broken and all over the box.  I like the product, but I won’t be buying it again.

Some customers were unhappy with the color and texture of the color correction cream:

“The color was far too orange.  It did not dry the same color as shown on the tube.”

“I couldn’t believe how caked it looked on my face.  I didn’t apply that much, but I looked and felt like a clown.”

Many customers were satisfied with their purchases, but many included a qualifying comment about the competitive price compared to other more expensive products:

“I tried more expensive correction creams and didn’t find the miracle I was hoping for.  PF Color Correct SPF 30 covers my blemishes and fills in lines. Still no miracle, but at least I didn’t spend an arm and a leg.”

“It feels nice on the skin, but if you have oily skin like mine, it may seem a little greasy. It also goes on a little dark.  But the price is right.”

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How Does Physicians Formula Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Physicians Formula
  • 55/100
Conclusion – Does Physicians Formula Work?

Physicians Formula seems to work for many customers, both in terms of performance and price.  Many ingredients in each of the lines have been shown to have anti-aging properties, which is good for those looking for affordable age-defying solutions.

The mixed reviews, however, suggest that they may not be the best products.  The affordable price may be incentive enough to try one or several of the products, but customers should also be aware that the low cost could be indicative of low-quality ingredients.

Our expert reviewers have analyzed and compared many anti-aging products and found Kremotex to be the best overall.

Its fast-acting, all-natural ingredients boost collagen production, and essential antioxidants and vitamins promote cell regeneration, reversing the effects of aging and skin damage.

The many positive testimonials on their website, along with amazing before and after photos show why Kremotex was voted the best anti-wrinkle cream of 2019.

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