Money Hungry Finale Recap

They say that the finale of every competition reality show is always the most exciting episode, and Money Hungry is no exception. We have seen teams come and go in dramatic fashion- however nothing has prepared you for this.

The final three teams are Mission Slimpossible, The Regulators and The Grading Curves. From the beginning of the episode, Marco is hurting bad. He is seeing spots and getting dizzy, and calls the house doctor, Dr. Lewis. The doctor asks him some basic diagnostic questions, but Marco quickly realized he wasn’t going to get much help from a phone call.

The teams find out that the last challenge is upon them, and the lingering question is whether Marco will be good to go. We arrive at the challenge to find out that it is the biggest one yet, befitting of a final challenge. The team that wins is guaranteed to be in the final two and receives their $10,000 entry fee back, with the remaining two teams weighing in against each other for the remaining spot.

The challenge is a bit more complicated than the others. First, contestants had to ride a giant tricycle to retrieve puzzle pieces. From the beginning, Mission Slimpossible got out to an early lead with the Regulators close on their heels. The Grading Curves were falling behind early, and in an effort to catch up, Tricia sped past Po on the tricycle only to CRASH on the side of the road. It was apparent from the moment she hit the ground she was hurt, and we see her carted off in an ambulance while the challenge continues on without the Grading Curves.

Once they got all the puzzle pieces, the remaining two teams had to assemble a vertical puzzle to receive a secret code which would unlock a safe a mile down the road. Mission Slimpossible started to widen their lead here, getting to the safe first and unlocking it to find ALL the weight they had lost throughout the show. Marco shook off the fatigue and sickness from earlier and gutted it out. The Regulators fought valiantly, but in the end, Mission Slimpossible won yet another, and final, challenge.

With the Grading Curves one woman down, the Regulators gutted it out in the gym, apparently even using trash bags to help cut water weight. At the last elimination weigh-in, we saw Regulators blow the Grading Curves out of the water, but not due to any lack of effort on the part of Grading Curves, who were still kicking butt and taking names even with Tricia having a broken tibia/mcl. In a show of compassion and good sportsmanship, Mission Slimpossible actually gave their $10,000 check to the Grading Curves so they would not leave empty handed. This was a HUGE risk considering at this point, nothing was written in stone.

The two remaining teams find out they have a full week before the final weigh-in, and they get right to it. We see both teams training more like Stallone in Rocky than people on a fat show, and even see Joe V. trying to down some raw eggs. There is some mild trash talking, but at the end of the day, both teams leave it on the floor.

We arrive at the final weigh-in and find out that both of the teams’ families are in attendance, and I cannot help but tear up. Having been there, away from my loved ones, I know how much that must have meant to all the guys. The Regulators weigh-in first, and have lost a tremendous 18.59 percent of their body weight. However, all season, Mission Slimpossible has been hiding some weight loss via water manipulation and today was the day to lay it all on the line. Slimpossible weighs in and drops an ASTONISHING 20.07 percent, winning the $100,000 grand prize.

There you have it folks. After 10 hard-fought episodes, the winning team is Mission Slimpossible. They played hard, they played smart, and they dominated.

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