Justin Bieber and Hayden Panettiere Ditch Their Vegetarian Diets Over Bad Attitudes and Low Energy

We usually hear about the crazy diets celebrities are on like the Baby Food Diet or the Master Cleanse Diet. Every now and then we’ll hear that a celebrity is actually on a healthy diet like the vegetarian or vegan diet. Many a star has stepped forward to denounce meat, fewer have denounced vegetarianism, putting two celebs in a unique hot seat.

Earlier this year, Justin Bieber tried to follow in his mentor’s footsteps (Usher) by eating an animal-free diet. When Bieber said that he would try a vegan diet, some of his devoted fans, known as “beliebers,” vowed to do the same. Well, Bieber is shocking the world today by ditching his vegan diet. According to Examiner.com, an insider said “Justin ordered a tofu steak and tempeh tacos from Real Food Daily in L.A. and was really grossed out. He made a big show of spitting out the food and making gagging noises.” Apparently friends and family of the pop star wanted him to start eating meat again because he started to become unpleasant to be around. Since Justin ditched his vegan diet, his ‘beliebers’ are following suit.

Or maybe, Bieber will make fans who are vegetarians go back to eating meat?

Another celeb who ditched their meatless diet is Hayden Panettiere. She dabbled, but told Self Magazine that the diet gave her less energy. “I tried vegetarianism, but my body didn’t respond well… I used to run an hour every day… but my body shut down. I was low-energy.” The actress said she has modified her diet and still eats healthfully with eggs, vegetables, chicken, and fish. Hayden’s new diet gives her enough energy to tackle her very busy days.

Justin and Hayden are not alone and far from the only ones who couldn’t keep up with their meat-free diets. Eva Longoria nearly passed out because of her vegan diet. She had to give up the lifestyle and add meat back to her meals. Rachel McAdams also ditched her vegetarianism because she would become too tired and she did not have enough energy just like Hayden. Rachel told Glamour Magazine, “I was one (a vegetarian) once, but it made me very tired. I just ate pasta- I was the most unhealthy vegetarian ever!” But, Rachel said she might try the vegetarian diet again and thinks the second time will be better than the first.

Eva, Hayden, and Rachel’s bodies were probably denied of important nutrients that come from meat, but not likely supplemented adequately with the proper plant-based nutrients. This could be why they felt tired and didn’t have enough energy to get through the day.

Vegetarian diets and vegan diets are not for everyone, but there are many benefits for those who are on the diets. I’m not going to lie, I went vegetarian and I couldn’t last two weeks. It takes discipline to give up meat or any food products that come from animals and I didn’t have that. Apparently some celebrities couldn’t keep up with their vegan or vegetarian diets either.

Know that these diets are effective for those who are looking to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle as vegetarians and vegans reduce health risks like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Although Justin Bieber, Hayden Panettiere, Eva Longeria, and Rachel McAdams gave up their plant-based lifestyles, there are still many celebrities who follow it strictly. Maybe they can get some advice from dedicated veggies like Pink, Kirsten Bell, and Alicia Silverstone.

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