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Integrative Therapeutics ITI Woman is a female sexual enhancement supplement used to increase pleasure, sexual drive, and sexual function.  They use a blend of studied ingredients that are intended to relieve stress and increase energy.

By helping regulate many body functions, it’s intended to help women feel back to normal. They advise taking 2 capsules daily and their active ingredients include 4 high dose strength additives. They also make it free of common allergens like soy, wheat, and dairy.

The number 1 rated supplement of the year for overall female sexual enhancement is Libitrinex. It’s all-natural and made to support all aspects of health such as mood and energy. Click the link to be redirected to our official review where we explain why it was the best for female libido.


The full ingredients as displayed on the supplements facts are:

MacaPure Ashwagandha Root Extract Eleuthero Root Extract Rhodiola Root Extract
Modified Cellulose Magnesium Stearate Silicon Dioxide Cellulose

MacaPure: A patented version of the natural vegetable known as Maca. This is a commonly used aphrodisiac which can help stimulate sexual desire. This is formulated by increasing the overall bioavailability, meaning it is easier for the body to fully absorb. They also take it from where it is native in the country of Peru using local farmers.

They scientifically formulate this to provide the potent compounds in Maca which can help boost libido. A total 400 mg are added per serving which for Maca is generally good, but its unknown if in its patented form it has the same impact at this strength.

After reviewing several kinds of female sexual enhancement aids, the following supplements were considered the best overall.

Ashwagandha Root Extract: An herb that has been used in ancient times as a way to help reduce fatigue, stress, and to support overall wellness.  This is used to help relieve stress which can lead to a lack of libido. Generally well-tolerated when taken in standard amounts, it may cause side effects in excess however such as:

  • Bloating, nausea, and diarrhea.

This has no direct impact on increasing female libido.

Eleuthero Root Extract: Another name for this natural herb is Siberian Ginseng; this has adaptogen benefits which can make the body better adapt to stress.  The natural compounds in the can help boost immune and brain function. This can also be used to help support healthy circulation.

Ginseng can be an effective way to boost overall wellness though it’s often preferable to mix it alongside other strains, since each kind has its own intended special benefits.

Rhodiola Root Extract: A plant used in ancient Chinese medicine for its adaptogen benefits. This is used to help improve stamina, sexual function, and mental health.

The likely reason why this is included is because it can help increase virility. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health did find that his:

“may cause dizziness and dry mouth”

They also say that studies have been mixed and that more evidence is needed to make sure that it would be effective.

This is also not used for female libido, though indirectly it can help support energy levels.

Our research of several female libido supplements made it say for us to determine what the top 10 were; click here to see our results.


Not much is added here which can help increase libido directly. They rely on 3 out of 4 ingredients as a way to help the body better deal with stress. The only ingredient which has direct aphrodisiac benefits is MacaPure, but you can find Maca in any female libido supplements.

Much of this can be easily replaced by using countless other supplements with the same basic formula. It’s good that they make this without any artificial additives or common allergens, but the same can be said about other brands.

As far as this being able to help support sexual health there isn’t much added which actually help to increase libido. It can no doubt support physical and mental stamina, but the effects on sexual drive are not as promising.

For a direct impact on libido, we recommend checking out our list of the top 10 sexual enhancement aids.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


Direct sales are offered at $34 per 30 day serving. Unfortunately they only allow sales to healthcare professionals. This is very strange considering the fact that this supplement has common ingredients you can find in other similar brands. There is no need to allow for a recommendation from a healthcare professional to be the only way to get a hold of this.

They also fail to mention whether or not they allow customers to get their money back in case of any issues. This is a strange way of doing business and it makes it so potential consumers have to go through a 3rd party to buy a sensitive product. This also requires healthcare professionals to register with the company, which is an additional unnecessary step.

There’s nothing in this which would demand for a recommendation of a physician and for consumers looking to save time and effort, it makes this a difficult to access supplement.

Find out what supplements we rated as being the best for natural female libido enhancement; here is our top 10 list.


The company goes by the name of Integrative Therapeutics and their listed contact information is:

Phone Number: (800) 931-1709

Address: 825 Challenger Drive

Green Bay, WI 54311

Email: Contact form is cited.

The company explains that in order to get a hold of this supplement, it can only be processed through a licensed healthcare professional. They keep the information about this brief and they fail to give much detail about how the supplement works. No actual proof is provided either.

There is a visual showing how big each pill is, and it’s just under an inch. Other than the price and a brief highlight of what it’s meant to do, they don’t say much about it.

You also can’t find much information about the company itself on any 3rd part website. It doesn’t appear that they have had any recalls or issues with the BBB, FDA, or FTC however, so they appear to be reputable. They refer to themselves as a company that makes clinically validated supplements.

The list here highlights the top rate supplements for natural female libido enhancement.


There were only 5 available reviews at the time of this review, here’s what customers had to say:

“felt my energy was back to normal levels again”

“worked for the wife we’ll be looking to keep using it”

“taken it in place of their treatments and it feels good”

“arrived on time and works as directed”

Since there are only a few reviews it’s impossible to know for certain if this is enough to know for certain if it’s a likely result. Customers had good things to say which is likely since there are some potentially helpful adaptogen herbs used.

The problem is that it won’t be as potent as more well-rounded supplements which have the exact same basic formula but with additional aphrodisiacs. If looking to boost sexual drive there are more well-rounded solutions that exist which have more reviews. It’s hard to see much value in this when the majority of reviews only had a few things to say.

Listed here is an easy to understand breakdown of the top rated supplements for female sexual enhancement.


There isn’t much added to this and while it can be good, there needs to be more to help improve overall libido. They also make it difficult to purchase, requiring a healthcare professional to supply it to their patients. They do not offer a money back return policy and customers have to go through a 3rd party. This only adds more time needed to get a hold of it. You also can’t find much information about the product itself, though they do provide the full supplements facts list. Reviews on this brand are limited and it’s too basic to favor it over other supplements.

The best all-around supplement for natural female libido enhancement was Libitrinex. After reviewing it we found many rave reviews, a great high dosage strength formula backed by studies, the ease of use, and a great company history. Many customers said that it helped rejuvenate their sex lives and that it increased overall wellness.

The company that makes it makes it within a facility that is approved by the FDA. No cheap stimulants or fillers of any kind are added either. They have also been rated favorably as a business with no recalls or issues related to billing. Check out the detailed review on Libitrinex and learn about what made it our top pick for female sexual enhancement.

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