Improve Your Health by Being Informed

One of the first steps to making a life change is moving from the stage of precontemplation to contemplation, becoming more aware that your life could be improved in some way and how the status quo could be less than helpful. A process that can help you in this stage transition is known as Consciousness Raising. Consciousness Raising can occur purposefully or you may stumble upon information. Regularly visiting presents more opportunities for new information to be integrated into your consciousness; however, not everything we blog directly applies to you and your goals. Stumbling upon information would be as if someone unexpectedly handed you a brochure or flyer about what you needed to know while you were walking down the street one day. Checking out books from the library on the subject would be purposefully increasing your own awareness.

The first step of Consciousness Raising can be asking for information and feedback from those around you. Sometimes it is easier for those around you to visualize the impact certain things have had on your life. In addition, the people you hold most dear can make observations that are specific to you rather than general information. You can also seek out more information by attending classes, searching the internet (reading, seeking out experts, finding books and articles on the subject, and starting conversations with others. It is amazing how frequently you can find more information and contacts simply by talking about what is going on in your life or those things that interest you. You never know who may know something or someone that you need to know.

Information may be at your fingertips, but how do you know if it is accurate information? Anyone can post anything to a web page, even Wikipedia! My mother taught me early that I was never allowed to simply accept what I was told. I had to know the source of the information and if that source was accurate or trustworthy. As an adult, I challenge myself to purposefully look for contradictory information to test my own ideas. The recent political race can be a great example. In such major elections a lot of misinformation or twisted information is presented as fact. I have raised my consciousness by exposing myself to people with a variety of opinions and actually reading or watching the things they suggest.

Take advantage of the variety of information out there and learn more about ways that you can improve your life. Stay tuned for an example of dangerous information promoted online.

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