Have a Healthy Holiday Voyage

travelHoliday travel can be stressful with late planes and trains, crowds and busy schedules. All that stress makes it easy to grab a giant muffin or bag of candy at the airport before jumping on your flight. Here are our favorite tips to keep you from damaging your diet during your holiday travels.

1. Eat before you leave. Don’t get too caught up in packing and skip a meal. Eat something with plenty of fiber and protein, to keep you feeling full.

2. Check out your options. Don’t settle for the easiest fast-food stand. Consider looking up the airports you’ll be traveling to, and find out if any of the restaurants serve healthier options, like yogurt and fruit to go or a nice green salad.

3. Stay hydrated. Since you can’t carry liquids through security, bring a water bottle from home and fill it up in the terminal.

4. Pack healthy snacks. Slices of apples or pears, mixed nuts, carrot and celery sticks all travel well. I also love Larabars, which are all-natural and easy to slip into a carry-on bag.

5. Skip dehydrating drinks. It’s hard to give up coffee and alcohol when you travel, but it’s worth it. You’ll feel better without these substances adding to dehydration levels in the already super-dry airplane.

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