Get in Your Workout While Giving Back

The holidays are a time for caring about others and giving back, but if you can indulge your charitable spirit and reap a few benefits yourself, all the better, right?

Check out some ways you can lend a helping hand to others while doing your health a favor.

Walk dogs at a dog shelter. There are many more dogs at shelters than workers, so lend a hand and take a few pups with you on your morning stroll. The dogs will get some much needed human interaction and exercise right along with you, and the animal shelter would love the help. Dogs make the perfect fitness buddies, and who knows? You just may find your new best friend.

Pick up garbage in your neighborhood. This is a great one kids can get involved in, too. Gather your family, grab a few trash bags and pairs of gloves and hit the streets. Walk around your neighborhood and pick up any trash you see. You’ll save the earth a few gum wrappers at a time and build healthy habits with your family.

Help an elderly neighbor around the house. We all know housework can be an awesome workout, but for the elderly, it can be a huge obstacle. Help a neighbor or family friend with those physically demanding, yet necessary household duties like scrubbing the floors, dusting, vacuuming and anything else they may need. I’m sure the extra help will mean a lot to them, but more than anything, they’ll appreciate the company around the holidays.

Shovel the driveways on your block. You don’t even have to ask anyone’s permission for this one. If you are an early riser who loves their morning winter runs, switch it up every once in a while and shovel your neighbors’ driveways before dawn instead. Imagine the smiles on your neighbors’ faces when everyone grumpily heads out before work to free their car and find that it’s already done for them. You get in your cardio and they head to work toasty-warm.

Giving back can make you feel good all over, with the warm fuzzies in your heart and a few beads of sweat on your brow.
How are you going to give back this year?

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