First Lady Shares Healthy Tips from the White House

Offical Portrait of Michelle Obama at the White HouseFirst lady Michelle Obama has been a crusader for better children’s health though her Let’s Move! campaign and other initiatives to fight childhood obesity. Now, she’s opening up the doors of the White House to demonstrate how she helps her family eat healthy despite their hectic schedules.

Ms. Obama admits that she enjoys indulging in French fries from time to time, reminding us that “healthy eating does not have to be an all or nothing approach.” She says the key is to find a balance, adding that the “problem is when the treats become the habits.”

It’s no surprise that the Obamas use MyPlate principles to guide meal planning, as Ms. Obama was a prominent speaker during the USDA’s new logo launch. “Fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables alongside proper portions of lean meats, whole grains, and low-fat dairy,” she says, and advises families to “be more conscious of the types of foods we’re putting into our bodies.”

Ms. Obama also encourages parents and educators to teach kids more about where their food comes from, and involve them in the preparations. “If they plant it and watch it grow or prepare it and season it on their own…it becomes their discovery, their accomplishment.” At the White House, she gained much attention for growing an organic garden, which she uses as a place to teach kids and adults alike about the benefits of fresh produce.

As part of an “Eat Like the White House” feature, is sharing a number of recipes from the first lady, created with help from White House chefs Sam Kass and Criseta Comerford. Recipes like crispy sweet potato fries, mashed apples and turkey lasagna with spinach are healthy versions of classic American comfort foods that are also surprisingly easy to make. EveryDayHealth is also offering a “How Health Are Your Eating Habits?” quiz to help you find the healthy eating plan that’s right for your family.

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