First Lady Michelle Obama’s American Grown Hits Shelves April 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama will be releasing a new book in April 2012 titled American Grown: How the White House Garden Inspires Families, Schools, and Communities.

Mrs. Obama has worked diligently with her Let’s Move campaign, the nationwide campaign to reduce childhood obesity in the United States. The campaign launched in February 2010 and since then has provided children with healthier foods in school and made certain opportunities for physical exercise more available. Let’s Move has also strived to provide better information to families about nutrition and has improved community access to healthy and cost-effective food. The First Lady has not only become an advocate for healthier eating and exercise for others, but she has also planted a bountiful vegetable garden on the White House grounds.

All of these actions have lead to the publishing of her book. The book will evaluate how making healthy food more accessible and more affordable will influence eating habits, concluding that habits will improve and public health as a whole will improve as well.

Mrs. Obama plans to donate all the proceeds from her book to a charity to be named later.

Mrs. Obama is clearly very passionate about the health and fitness of our children and our country. At the launch of her campaign, Mrs. Obama expressed just how dire the situation is, “The physical and emotional health of an entire generation and the economic health and security of our nation is at stake.” Compiling nearly two years of her campaign in action, this book is sure to be an enlightening and eye-opening read.

Via: ABC News and Let’sMove.Gov

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