Dermology Natural Skin Care Review (UPDATED 2019): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Dermology Natural Skin Care is a brand of health and beauty products that use natural ingredients to create their line of skin care creams and solutions. They claim to reduce the appearance of aging and increase the skin’s vitality, as well offering products that fight acne, stretch marks, and cellulite.

Dermology lists a total of six products on their website:

  • Anti-Aging Solution.
  • Cellulite Solution.
  • Hair Removal Cream.
  • Acne Cream.
  • Stretch Mark Cream.
  • Skin Brightener Cream.

They are a member of the Natural Products Association who promotes mindfulness and they’re also a nutritional science organization.

According to our review experts, the highest-rated anti-wrinkle cream currently on the market is Kremotex. Their brand utilizes cutting-edge technology and premium quality ingredients to create their proprietary formula, which ranks today as the industry standard for anti-aging products. To learn more about the benefits of Kremotex, visit this link.

Dermology Ingredients and Side Effects

img_7414Dermology make their complete ingredient lists available online, however each product tends to contain several different additives.

Their website does mention a few of their more active ingredients, including:

  • Hyaluronic Acid: A naturally occurring lubricant found in the human body that is used in medicines for eye and joint disorders such as osteoarthritis. Has been touted as a ”fountain of youth” by health and beauty companies recently, however there is no clinical evidence to suggest that either oral or topical applications of hyaluronic acid prevent the damages of aging.
  • Argireline: “Argireline” is the name used by beauty companies to advertise for acetyl hexapeptide-3, a synthetic chemical compound that can be applied topically for supposedly “Botox-like results,” although the scientific studies of Argireline don’t necessarily back this up. The product is still relatively new, and some users claim that long-term has actually led to increased sagging of the skin and there are some reports that Argireline can lead to neurological issues and “brain fuzz.”
  • Matrixyl 3000: A combination of two peptide chains that help stimulate collagen and elastin production. Similar to, but chemically different from Matrixyl. A frequent additive to many anti-aging creams.
  • Dimethicone: A silicone-based polymer used to give lotions a smooth, spreadable feel. It creates a thin coating over the skin and can cosmetically fill in wrinkles, making it a popular choice in primers and makeup foundations. Dimethicone has also been known to lead to an increase in acne breakouts, allergic reactions, and overall decreased endocrine functionality.
  • Resveratol: A naturally occurring polyphenol found in red wine, peanuts, berries and other plants. Research into Resveratol suggests it may be good for weight loss and the immune system as well as skin health; however all of the research is in its nascent stages.

Resveratol has shown a tendency to interact with some types of blood thinners and can potentially cause allergic reactions as well, however Dermology’s website does not mention this or list any specific customers that should be careful with their products. WebMD currently warns against consumers using products that contain Resveratol.

Our experts have created a list of the top 10 anti-aging creams.

Dermology does not include any information about how much of any given ingredient is in a product, making it somewhat difficult to assess their overall effectiveness.

When looking at skin care ingredients it’s important to know the following:

  • What are the ingredients, and in what quantity: Always know what you are putting into and on to your body – you can’t know how good something is if you don’t know what it is. Additionally, many companies will use high-end ingredients so that they can put that on the label, however they only use small quantities and pad out their recipes with filler materials.
  • What potential allergens are there: Many consumers have allergies or sensitivities to some of the additives found in skin creams. In order to avoid rashes, hives, and breakouts it is important to get yourself tested against common allergens and to know what to look out for.
  • How does it compare to other products: Unless you are a researcher or work in the health and beauty field, the numbers on the sides of an ingredient list may not mean anything to you. Make sure that you examine the quantities of like ingredients across brands to make the most informed choice possible.

It should be noted that many of Dermology’s products do contain allergens that aren’t listed on any warning labels, which could lead to potential health consequences for some consumers.

Fortunately our review experts have crafted a comprehensive list of the top 10 best anti-aging creams.

Dermology Quality of Ingredients

From the description the company gives for themselves in the “About Us” section of their website, it seems that Dermology places a high premium on using all-natural ingredients in their products. A quick review of their ingredient lists, however, show a number of additives that are pretty far from being “natural.” Argireline, Matrixyl 3000, and Dimethicone are all laboratory-synthesized products that clinical testing is still being performed for.

There is a potential risk when using new chemical compounds, and the early laboratory results show that Argireline and Dimethicone both may carry with them some unintended consequences.

Users have complained about Argireline leading to neurological issues. It is also possible that while both ingredients show short-term cosmetic benefits that they may both actually create the issues they claim to treat.

For those that have allergy worries, take prescription medication, are concerned about side effects or skeptical about new ingredients. You can also visit this link to see our experts’ current rankings of the top 10 brands of anti-aging creams.

The Price and Quality of Dermology

Strangely, there are no prices listed on the Dermology website. They offer both one-time purchasing and a membership plan, however they do not make the pricing for these plans available without first starting the sign-up process.

The website does mention that they have a money back guarantee, however most of their website’s links to the specifics of this policy are non-functional. In their FAQ section, however they stipulate that “restocking fees” will apply to any purchase, which raises questions about how much of the initial purchase price will actually end up getting refunded.

Many customers have reported issues with attempting to return products and get refunds.

Click on this link to see a list of the highest rated anti-aging creams.

Business of Dermology

The company name is listed as both Dermatology and Their contact information is:

Phone Number: (818) 303-9260

Address: Dermology does not make their address publically available on their website.

Email: They also do not make their e-mail publically available on their website.

Research indicates that Dermology may be a subsidiary of Provillus Corporation, and unaccredited business with an “F” rating at the Better Business Bureau and number of outstanding complaints against it. There are quite a few negative comments online regarding product effectiveness, shipping problems, and customer service issues, most of which seem to go unaddressed by the company.

There are several threats of legal action against Dermology and the Provillus Corporation that can be found online, however there is no evidence of any ongoing legal action against the company at this time.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using anti-aging creams for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of Advanced Dermatology

Here are a few customer reviews found online:

“Ok so far. As long as I only use it once a day (instead of the three times the bottle recommends) I don’t break out. I will give it another week before deciding.”

“Each day I used them my skin got drier. After a week I went back to my old standbys.”

“When the jar arrived, it looked like it had been used by someone else. I tried it anyway, but saw no improvement in my wrinkles.”

“Started to be painful to apply, probably an allergic reaction. I tried to return it and got the runaround.”

There was a distinct lack of positive reviews online, other than the ones found on Dermology’s own website. Less than half of the reviews for their products on are positive, with many claiming that they were defrauded.

See which anti-aging creams were featured in the best of list by clicking the link.

How Does Dermology Natural Skin Care Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Dermology Natural Skin Care
  • 34/100
Conclusion – Does Dermology Work?

Dermology markets their company under the slogan “Natural Skin Care,” however a review of their ingredients and the available customer feedback online throws all parts of that claim into question. All of their products rely on laboratory-synthesized chemicals as part of their proprietary blend, and many seem to damage the skin as much as repair it.

Given the questionable content of their products, the negative customer feedback about their effectiveness and the shady reviews of their company practices that are found online, our experts cannot recommend Dermology.

Our researchers have analyzed hundreds of anti-aging products, and they’ve found Kremotex to be the best overall. The reason behind their effectiveness is that they use ingredients that actually boost collagen and elastin production as opposed to merely masking the preexisting damage. A blend of vitamins, anti-oxidants, peptides, and stem cell technology improve your dermal system, leading to overall long-term health.

Their website features complete ingredient lists and dosage amounts, as well as testimonials from users. You can read more about Kremotex and the science of skin care by visiting this link.

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