Christinas Story on the Rachael Ray Show

Tune in this Friday, December 3 to the Rachael Ray Show to catch up on Christina’s Story.

It has been a few weeks since we’ve seen Christina, the obese teen who is determined to lose 70 pounds by prom. On this episode, Christina is back in the studio for a pep talk and some fresh ideas for her diet. She’s taking a lesson in Rachael’s cooking school to learn a healthier version of her favorite pasta dish – spaghetti marinara.

Rachael is in the prep kitchen showing Christina how to make Smoky Roasted Eggplant Marinara with Spaghetti Squash or Whole Wheat Spaghetti. This healthier alternative to carbohydrate-laden white pasta is filled with satiating fiber, disease-fighting antioxidants and best of all, it’s lower in fat and calories than traditional pasta with tomato sauce.

Rachael also shows Christina how to make delicous veggies on the go with her Light and Fit Veggie Dip and Roasted Carrot Veggie Dip.

Check your local listings for exact show times.

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