Can Stomach Bloat Help You Lose Weight?

Weight Loss PillA new weight-loss pill purports to help you lose weight by bloating your stomach with a gel-like substance, leaving little room for food. The polymer is called Attiva, and that is being researched by Gelesis, a Boston-based company. The substance comes in a capsule that contains tiny grains of Attiva, and when taken with water the grains swell to become many times their size.

The grains can swell in both the stomach and in the small intestine to create the sensation of feeling full. Rats given the gel stopped eating for about 18 hours. The grains do not enter the blood stream, so it is thought that Attiva molecules will not have the same side effects as other weight-loss pills. Instead, it breaks down in the digestive tract and is passed out.

It has been suggested that Attiva gel is a particularly attractive option for those who suffer from binge-eating, and as a non-surgical alternative to gastric surgery.

Via The Huffington Post.

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