Biggest Loser Wipe-off Boards Help You Plan for Healthy Eating and Fitness

When you think weight loss you think food and when you think food you think kitchen and when you think kitchen you think refrigerator. So what better place to visually keep yourself on track than with a meal planner right on the front of your refrigerator? The new Biggest Loser White Boards from Expo do just that.

I’m a big proponent of this tactic, and have shared here the benefits of weekly meal plans. You’ll save calories, money and time that you can’t afford to lose. I personally use a tear-off pad with seven spaces that stays on the front of the refrigerator and revise it each Sunday.

So in that spirit, these new wipe-off boards from Biggest Loser and Expo could be just one more simple (and affordable) tool to eliminate the excuses and start holding ourselves accountable for making healthier decisions.

The Daily Meal Planner wipe-off board has space for each meal of the day, including two snacks, and space to record the calories for each so you can easily keep track of your daily total. Across the top is space for a simple equation to determine how many calories you need each day, a fill-in-the-blanks food pyramid to mark off each necessary nutrient for the day (i.e. 4 fruits/veg, 3 protein, 2 whole grains and 1 fat/sugar), and 8 empty images of water glasses that you color in until you’ve reached your goal of 6-8.

Downside: No where near as portable as a food journal, so while this might work for someone who is home all day, or doesn’t mind hanging this in their office, it doesn’t seem entirely functional for a full day’s use. It also doesn’t allow for planning meals out for the entire week; so you can use this exclusively, or keep two separate lists.

Details: 11×14, aluminum, magnetic

Retailing for $14.57 on Amazon

The Exercise & Goal Planner Board is a really ideal way to manage your fitness and weight loss goals. With space for each of the seven days, record under “steady state cardio”, “interval cardio” or “circuit training” what you plan to do. Then, as you accomplish each item, mark it off and move on to the next day. There is also space to keep a running total of your weight loss toward goal. This can hang in a home office, home gym or even a family/mud room. Each week, wipe the slate clean and start again!

Downside: The board won’t do the work for you. If you’re committed enough to hang the board and write down your plan for those first few days, then you have to stay committed to following through to the end.

Details: 24×18, aluminum, magnetic

Retailing for $29.04 on Amazon

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