Biggest Loser Club Gift Cards

biggest loser gift cardAre you or someone you know ready to take on the Biggest Loser lifestyle at home? As you hear Bob and Jillian say all the time, leave the excuses at the door. That’s right, Biggest Loser has made it that much easier for you to join, making your excuses moot.

The Biggest Loser Gift Card is an easier to way for you to either join the club, or offer this life changing program to someone you love. You’ll receive two $25 gift cards, each good for a one-month membership. Keep them both for yourself, or find a weight loss partner and you can join together.

The Biggest Loser Club gives everyone access to the diet and fitness information that you thought was only available to the contestants. You’ll learn about the Biggest Loser Diet, the Biggest Loser Workout, have the option to interact with the show’s experts, connect with other members, build customized meal planners and workout programs, and keep track of your progress in your personal journal. Plus, it’s all completely online so no matter where you are, the plan goes with you.

These cards are only available in stores, like Target.

Learn more about Biggest Loser Club or join online today!

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