Biggest Loser Cast Raises Money for Strikers’ Families

Alison, Bob and JillianThe Biggest Loser crew went on strike last week in an effort to secure health benefits. To help the family members of the strikers while they go unpaid, Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper and Alison Sweeney have started a support fund. “Our crew have families to support so in the interim Bob, Ali, I are auctioning off three training sessions each (Ali will be doing lunch dates) to help contribute to this fund,” writes Jillian on her Facebook.

Those who wish to help out can make a direct donation, or can bid on one of the charity auctions on eBay. Bob and Jillian are both auctioning off one-hour workout sessions, and Alison is auctioning off lunches. One workout will be auctioned off by each trainer for three days, and Alison will auction off one lunch day for three days. Each auction will last for 24 hours.

“We need your help!” writes Bob on his Facebook page.

You can donate directly to the Biggest Loser Strike Relief fund or check out the eBay auction.

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