Bernie’s Week 9 Biggest Loser Recap

Bernie’s Biggest Loser Families Week 9 Recap from Diets in Review on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to Bernie’s Week 9 Biggest Loser Recap

  1. webgoddess says:

    Thanks so much for your weekly recaps Bernie.

    I really wanted to see Vicky go home just due to how mean she’s been; plus that “revenge” thing was totally uncalled for. My opinions of Vicki are pretty strong based on her previous weeks; this week she toned down a bit I think because without Brady there she didn’t feel quite as cocky as she usually was.

    Amy is still my favorite on the show, and I think she is playing to win. I think her vote was not based on “loyalty” but based only on who she thought was the biggest threat. Colleen certainly had the capability to win the show while Vicki seems like she’s small enough that she’ll be pulling in smaller and smaller numbers. Clearly, had Amy voted for who she liked more she’d have eliminated Vicki, but she is there to win the game just as everyone who’s still left is.

    I’m happy to see Michelle win the challenge. I just really wish Vicki had gone home. Colleen deserved to be there so much more.

  2. Bernie says:

    Hey everyone!

    My apologies for the missed blog last week I was out of town helping to motivate others to take control of their life and begin leading a healthy lifestyle! I was also being inspired myself, my personal trainer here in Chicago just completed her first Iron Man and I couldn’t have been more proud to cheer her on as she accomplished one of her lifelong fitness goals. Stay tuned for more video recaps, finale is just around the corner and I can’t wait to see how this season turns out!

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