Bernie’s Biggest Loser Episode 8 Recap

Bernie’s Biggest Loser Week 8 Recap from Diets in Review on Vimeo.

Episode 8 was packed with so much drama and nail biting twists that I actually found myself covering my eyes and all-out screaming at my TV at some points. This undoubtedly had to be the most action-packed episode to date. In Episode 8 we see all the contestants return for a chance to get back on the ranch. Participants were asked to weigh in and Phil had lost an amazing 68 pounds. followed by Ed who wasn’t far behind at 58 pounds lost. However, contestants weren’t being allowed back on the ranch based on weight loss, instead Ali announces that a challenge will take place to determine who returns.

The challenge consisted of a single step, however contestants had to step on on that step 1,000 times. The first contestant to reach 1,000 would be able to return to the ranch and also win immunity at the upcoming weigh in. The competition was pretty intense, Phil, formerly of the Red team, and Ed, formerly of the Orange team, both started off incredibly strong. In the end, the true competition wasn’t between Phil and Ed, it was Stacey, formerly of the Green team, who gave Ed a real run for his money! This week’s challenge was by no means easy, I just want to congratulate Ed for winning out in the end and returning to the ranch, and as for Stacy “You are Awesome”, great job everyone!

Another significant twist was announced in this episode by host Ali which was that everyone now has switched to singles. This is a huge turn in the game because it allows contestants to fully focus on their weight loss and not the weight loss of the entire team. It also allows for contestants to enter into the elimination room and vote not necessarily on alliances but in their own interest.

Switching to singles played an important part in this weeks weigh in. We see Brady and Michelle fall below the yellow line, anybody who has been following the show would have  placed their bet on Michelle being eliminated, but to my surprise that isn’t how it played out. In this particular elimination Amy C. found herself in the interesting situation of determining who went home, she ended up voting to eliminate Brady and truly shocked everyone, myself included.

In his follow-up interview Brady looked fantastic! He is already in a size 34 waist and in no way appears to be complacent, rather extremely driven. Everyone I would watch out, Brady now has the opportunity to focus solely on his weight loss and not on game play, the At-Home Prize could very well find itself in the pocket of Brady’s size 34 jeans! Keep up the great work!

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  1. webgoddess says:

    This week’s episode was pretty intense! I thought the twists made the episode very interesting.

    Phil kicked butt at winning the weigh-in…were it not for the gameplay by Brady, Vicky, and Heba, I really think that Phil and Amy P would be making it to the finals.

    I don’t know why Vicky has such a vendetta against Phil. It seemed to start out as a way to manipulate Heba, but it turned into something more than that. Phil is such a nice guy and doesn’t deserve the negative energy…he worked extremely hard and deserves the weight loss he has. It was in extremely poor taste that Vicky calls out Phil in the weigh-in! ARGH, she really has such a bad attitude!

    I really liked Stacy’s fight for the challenge; she kicked a lot of butt and I am very impressed by her determination. I wish she had won, but she did a great job and I have a lot of respect for her.

    So Ed wins the challenge and is back in the game…congrats to Ed! I’m glad to see him back because without Ed there, Heba has been getting conned into Vicky’s little mind game…little does Heba seem to know that Vicky will sell her out the second whenever it is in Vicky’s best interest. I hope that with Ed back he can undo some of the damage done to Heba by Vicky and I can once again cheer Heba on.

    Amy C is really my pick for winning the $250k. She has always had the best attitude and has worked the hardest without nary a complaint. The worst they can pull up for her in the whole season was an early brutal workout from Jillian where she collapsed in like the first or second week. Amy C is my heroine and I am very inspired by her. She has had her mom eliminated, she has endured switching trainers and teams, she has had to put up with the gameplay and politics, and she did so without losing any focus on her true purpose at the ranch. I’m so glad that Amy chose the elmination the way she did; Bob will be upset, Amy has gone from being on Vicky’s good side to now voting off her husband, but she is and always has been in the game for the right reasons and voted for the right reasons. I also really liked seeing Shellay again; I’ve always had a lot of respect for her and am glad Amy and Shellay had an opportunity to reconnect.

    Michelle deserves to be there more than Brady; Brady cheated at a weigh-in and has been supportive of his wife’s sociopathic behavior. Vicky’s poor judgement in being so antagonistic towards Phil has caught up to her…Amy is no longer loyal to blue.

    In spite of him getting sent home, I really do appreciate Brady’s effort in the game (other than the cheating); he did a great job, and I am thrilled to see 100 lbs weight loss at the time of the “after” video. Overall I like Brady, I just don’t understand why he married Vicky, but I am happy for his weight loss and happy to see him return to his family.

    My favorites for the finals are Amy C, Coleen, and Michelle. I really like all of them and believe they deserve to get to the end. I want to see the “Charlies Angels” be the final three and will be thrilled if any of them win the $250k.

  2. Denise says:

    I am so disappointed with this season, the nasty antics by Heba and Vicky and her husband have taken the joy out of watching this season. I don’t know why they all attacked Phil – he surely didn’t deserve the treatment he received. I wish the network had taken those haters aside and told them the real reason they’re on the show – to lose weight, not to bully others. I’m very disappointed with the network on this one.

  3. Doug says:

    I’ve been very disappointed with the behavior of Heba, Vicky, and Brady. In prior seasons, there was intense competition, but there was good sportsmanship. Everyone would clap for the weight loss and efferts of each contestant. This season has been a disappointment. In episode 8, certain people didn’t clap when Phil’s weight loss was posted. I couldn’t believe the way Heba, Vicky, and Brady behaved when Phil and the rest of the contestants returned. The returning contestants were in disbelief as well. Poor Phil, he didn’t deserve the treatment he received. Now, I’m afraid Vicky is going to torment and terrorize Any. The show should step in and stop this nonsense before views stop watching the show. Believe me, that’s the last thing I want to do. I love the show, but this season is putting a bad taste in my mouth.

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