Be Grateful Before, During and Long After Thanksgiving Has Passed

The true meaning of Thanksgiving can easily get lost in translation when we are so focused on the wide array of particulars. Maybe you are the host this year and a dozen family members or more are about to grace your dining table. Perhaps it is you and your own family’s turn to pack up the Suburban  and trek across the country to be the guests of honor. However you live your Thanksgiving experience, it is easy to forget about thanks and giving. It is often not until grace is said, the wine glasses clink and someone passes the stuffing that we actually relax and feel some gratitude, yet this moment of pure thankfulness doesn’t have to be lost when the meal ends and grandma starts loading the dishwasher.

Whether we believe Thanksgiving Day marks a time when the pilgrims and the Indians set aside their need to fight over their differences, or feel it began as a simple celebration of the bountiful fall harvest, it remains a day that reminds us all to practice gratitude.

Each and every one of us can think of something we are grateful for yet our thankfulness is often overshadowed by our busy and hectic schedules before and after Thanksgiving Day. The following reminders will help you to keep feeling gratitude before, during and long after Thanksgiving Day has past so that the other 364 days of the year are filled with just the same amount of joy that being grateful brings.


Are you divorced, freshly unemployed or in a new city without a Thanksgiving invite? Don’t worry. Use this time as an opportunity to re-evaluate your life, set new intentions and make the most of your current situation. Not everyone gets a chance to do this, so consider yourself lucky.

Let it Go

Fighting with holiday traffic, crowded shopping malls and excruciatingly painful long lines at the grocery store? Well, how else will you find a better opportunity to let stress roll off your shoulders? Draw your attention inward for a few moments and connect with your source of vital energy. Find exactly what you need within to make it through your busy day with ease.

Look Around and Smile

Instead of wishing you were, had or could do more with your life, take an inventory of the bountiful harvest of the things, people or events that bring you the most joy. Once you do this, you will realize these are things you already have. Why pine for more?

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