Your Guide to Apples, the Unforbidden Fruit

October is National Apple Month,  and to celebrate this popular and loved fruit, created an ode to apples slideshow.

Apples are a tried and true healthy snack. They are filling (each one contains at least 5 grams of fiber), low calorie (a medium apple contains 80 calories), are easily portable (no chopping, slicing or peeling required) and they come in innumerable varieties from Fuji to Mutsu. In fact, there are more than 7,500 different kinds of apples grown worldwide!

Plus, since fall is truly apple season, now is a perfect time to pay homage to nature’s unforbidden fruit.

Here is a look at ten of the most popular and delicious varieties of apples.

View Know Your Apple Types Slideshow

Whats your favorite variety of apple? Get creative with your apple of choice and try some of these healthy apple recipes.

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