True Fitness Involves the Mind, Body and Spirit

Dennis Grounds is a personal trainer and life coach, and creator of Training Grounds for Life. One of the most sought after trainers in LA. Grounds combines cardio circuit, functional and core training, Pilates and certified life coaching. Training Grounds for Life is an exclusive, luxury studio in the heart of Los Angeles where Grounds gets to the “core” of the matter, helping clients strengthen the core of their bodies as well as the core of their minds.

Achieving optimal health and wellness is not just about the physical body. Dennis Grounds, certified professional life coach, personal trainer and founder of LA’s Training Grounds for Life, says optimal health is about finding the balance between your mind, body and soul. Grounds weighs in on why one must focus on their mental and spiritual health to get the best physical results.

First, let’s distinguish the role of the body. The body is the physical representation of your energy, your soul, and your true self here on earth. Our bodies are the tools for soul growth.

The mind will tell us that we are not enough, that we can’t do it, we’re too fat, too skinny, etc. Its job is to analyze, figure out, question, and doubt ourselves. If we listen to our mind and act according to it, our physical body/health will end up in “dis-ease.”

Now, let’s distinguish the role of the spirit. Spirit is your consciousness, your soul, or your higher self. This is where your knowledge and wisdom come from. Your soul has all it needs and already knows the solution to all of your questions. We must listen to what our spirit is saying to us. Often times we hear “go left” and we go “right.” Then we find ourselves in the middle of a traffic jam. Our spirit is like the tug boat in front of a big ship.

Some focus only on their physical well-being while others are dedicated to strictly to their spiritual practices. Neither is right or wrong, however, if you only exercise one muscle group in the body the other muscles will weaken. Imagine how much stronger and more efficient you are when all muscles are being exercised. The same holds true with your spiritual and mental health.

So, simply said, it is about harmony. It is beneficial for you to maintain your body, mind, and spirit so they can work together harmoniously to get the best results. If any piece is neglected, it will interfere with the flow of the others and your results will not be at the highest level available.
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