Trick or Treat Yoga Poses for Halloween Candy

I live right in the middle of town and October 31st is definitely a day that keeps me busy. I have skeletons on my front porch (one in lotus pose holding a yoga mat), spiders hanging from the eaves and scary music cued up for the big night.

Last week, one of my yoga students asked me if I was going to make the kids do a yoga pose before I give them some Halloween candy. To be perfectly honest, I never really thought about it, but it sounds like a good idea!

I scanned the memory bank of kids costumes that I have seen throughout the years and created a list of yoga poses that could match what the kids might be donning this year.

If you want to partake in this crazy idea, I have laid out a few easy poses that put the “trick” back in “trick-or-treat.”

Ninja Warrior

Take a wide stance and reach both arms as far out to the side as possible. Bend one knee while keeping the other leg straight to stand firm and strong like a warrior. Make sure to do both sides!

Darth Vader

The yogic breath called “ujjayi” sounds just like Darth Vader behind his mysterious plastic mask. Breathe in and out through the nose and make the sound of the Star Wars character as loudly as possible. What fun! This is true yogic breathing!


Believe it or not, this outrageous game of the 1970’s has made a comeback. With both arms stretched out to the side, twist as far to the left as possible, then to the right. Make sure to keep both feet flat on the floor.

Super Hero with Eagle Wings Cape

Stand on one foot with the standing knee bent. Cross the other leg over the standing leg as if sitting in a chair. Wrap both arms around each other and reach for the palms by wrapping both wrists. Crouch down as far as possible by bending both knees to practice eagle pose while wearing this super hero costume.

Headless Horseman

Stand with both feet wide. Bend both knees and squat down to knee level. Reach both arms way up overhead and take the stance of horse pose.

Even if you have princesses, mermaids or pirates ringing your doorbell for Halloween treats, maybe you can challenge them to “act out” their costume. A little bit will go a long way, and it’s very healthy for the bodies of little kids to get stretched and twisted along their route for more candy.

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