Tips for Kim Kardashian When Ordering at Jamba Juice [PHOTO]

A friend to DietsInReview sent us this pic of Kim Kardashian leaving a NYC Jamba Juice yesterday, and it got us thinking… is this how she’s feeding those curves?

We have no way of knowing what’s in that large Jamba Juice cup that Kim Kardashian is carrying. What we do know is that it’s probably filled to the hilt with calories. We’ll grant that if this is her on-the-go lunch that it’s probably got fewer calories and fat and more vitamins than some other in-and-out, grab-and-go option might offer. If it’s a snack, we hope her Quicktrim and workouts are working out for her.

However, even Kim Kardashian should know that those smoothies are calorie bombs.

Here are a few tips on healthy ordering at JJ that we thought KK, and everyone else, could use.

  • Get the small. The larger you go the more calories you’re adding. No one needs 30-some ounces of pureed fruits, veggies, and sorbet.
  • Get the facts. Check-out their Web site before you go to assess calories on your favorite option and then devise a plan for ordering smartly.
  • Go green. Add spinach, avocado or some other green vegetable option to your smoothie. We promise you won’t taste it and your body will enjoy the nutritional punch.
  • Supplement with grains. If this is a meal and a small size won’t fill you, eat half a whole grain bagel or bran muffin with your smoothie. That’s a balanced meal!
  • Go Fro-Yo. Request that the base for your smoothie be plain frozen yogurt, rather than the sorbet or sherbet. You’ll save some room in the calorie and sugar department. Request plain or Greek yogurt if available.

We love that a typical Jamba Juice smoothie can meet your fruit requirements for the day. We don’t love that all the sugary additives make this an empty-calorie slush.

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