Simple Yoga to Energize Your Morning

Do you loathe mornings? Are you slow to wake up? Does it take you until the afternoon to finally feel chipper? Well, if you are not a morning person yet you have to get up early because of work, kids or some other call to duty, try the following brief, simple and effective yoga routine. Even if you don’t do yoga, or have yet to try it, you will find this easy sequence helpful in making you feel sprightly at sunrise.

Morning Breath (It’s not what you think!)

Upon awakening, before you get out of bed or even move a muscle, take ten full deep breaths through your nose. At the height of your inhale, take in just a little bit more breath and hold it for a second before you exhale. Notice the awakening sensation of fresh oxygen flooding your brain and feel a revitalizing boost before your breakfast. Bedside Tingler (Nope, still not what you think!)

Next, sit on the edge of the bed with your feet flat on the floor a little wider than hip width apart. Fold forward to bring your head down with your hands reaching for the floor between your feet. Release any tightness in your back and feel your spine tingle as your muscles stretch out a good night’s sleep. Invigorate and awaken your spinal nerves to give yourself some skin flushing early morning pleasure.

Lion’s Breath Roar (Just don’t wake the neighbors!)

From the seated forward fold, stand up and lift both arms up overhead while taking a powerful deep breath in through your nose. Exhale through your mouth with your tongue sticking out, eyes wide open and make a loud roaring sound (as long as someone nearby is not still sleeping) as you let your arms rest by your sides.

Notice a spring in your step as you forge ahead through your day. When your co-workers, your kids or others notice something different about you, you can tell them you do these simple yoga poses to energize your mornings. Got a cranky boss or office mate who seems intolerable before noon? Share this article with them and see how they transform from over-hard to sunny-side up.

Happy morning!

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