Shay’s Calling Out the Game Players in Biggest Loser Season 10 Episode 5 Recap

It’s family game night on the Biggest Loser this week!

The episode starts where last week left off, with the players who never made it to the ranch returning to weigh in. Anna took the weigh in and joined the ranks. Unfortunately, she was gifted with the power to choose blue and black. There is something about blue and black that just makes me start yelling at the TV! I mean seriously, what is the power there? I think it’s the fact that anything can happen. I felt sorry for her that she had to make this decision not having been on the ranch, but it was probably the best thing for everyone else in the house because anyone else who would have had to do it would have had to tick someone off for sure. I am torn between her immunity decision. I understand that she was trying to make nice to everyone, but giving up her week seemed like quite the gamble at the time. I am sure it did make producers quite happy though because boy did it bring the DRAMA having Patrick as the carrot dangling in front of each team!

The teams are actually, for the most part, equally stacked, which is really rare! This will be an interesting turn of events for sure. What they need to remember though is blue vs. black doesn’t last forever! Don’t you just love how in the first few seasons of Biggest Loser the trainers were into the blue vs. black thing, but now they are just into helping people save their lives? I really love it. Bob and Jillian really do not involve themselves in much of the game play.

That challenge seemed like so much fun! I think I would have loved a challenge like that in D.C. instead of trying to put stickers on folks! LOL But wow! Those 21 flights of stairs! I was impressed to see Anna come in before Elizabeth. I feel like there is a beast hiding inside of Elizabeth’s calm demeanor. I think one of these weeks she is going to get angry and then she may have a stellar number!

If you ever wonder why they don’t physically intervene in challenges, they aren’t allowed to. But could you imagine a gladiator style Biggest Loser? That would be NUTS!

Dear Brendan, I have to say something about your comments, and your game play. You say that you have watched many seasons of Biggest Loser and I would think that you would have noticed that you don’t want to make America hate you! It’s not a good look! Especially if you are in the final four and in the America vote category! HELLO! But hey, there is one every season right? I want to believe Brendan that he didn’t throw the weigh in, but knowing that may have been their only chance to send a threat home I begin to have doubts.

WOW at the elimination table there were definitely some game players! At least they were honest about why they were doing what they did… unlike some people… I will mention no names… draw your own conclusions! Rick reminds me of Danny Cahill, the winner of my season; and Frado and Brendan probably see that too and that’s why he was sent packing! But he looks great at home and people should be looking at him for the $100,000 prize!

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