Positive Attitudes Drive Burgandy and Sophia Following Double Biggest Loser Elimination

You’d think earning the chance of a lifetime to be on Biggest Loser and then being forced to leave because of a “red line” elimination just four weeks in would knock the wind out of your sails. But not for Sophia Franklin, the first of two eliminations in week four’s episode. Not only was she OK with leaving, she was ready to go, positive she could do the work at home. Of the mere two pounds she lost that sent her packing? “None of my weight loss was disappointing. I was ecstatic for every pound I lost,” she says.

Her upbeat and positive attitude was shared by Burgandy Keel, who fell below the yellow line and then lost the vote after a carpet-rolling challenge. Similarly happy despite being forced out of the ranch, Burgandy says she was constantly inspired by her fellow contestants, who could sometimes be seen on treadmills at midnight.

The recent Biggest Loser castaways talked to us following their eliminations. Burgandy shares the unique experience of a vegan dinner at Bob Harper‘s home, a first for the show’s contestants. And Sophia tells us all about her “very clean, very lean, extremely green” diet at home. Listen now to hear the interviews!


While Burgandy isn’t yet ready to embrace Bob’s vegan diet, she is having no trouble resisting Chinese food, the one thing she said was “hard not to go back to.” Reminding herself how long it will take to burn those calories in the gym is what keeps her away. “It’s just not worth it anymore.”

Sophia says she never has a meal without a vegetable, but her food weakness is bread. She keeps sprout bread in her freezer and allows a slice in the morning, saying it’s still bread and it satisfies that craving.

They each espouse the ways in which Biggest Loser has positively impacted their lives. For Burgandy it’s learning to believe in herself, and not giving up on herself. For Sophia, it’s discovering a sense of calm and peace.

Aside from the weight loss, self-esteem and inner peace, there are some benefits that one might not expect to have taken home. “Things are much looser,” says Burgandy about being able to sit in a movie seat and not touch the sides. “I’m not in pain after a race,” says Sophia, about her active lifestyle that’s always included triathlons and centuries.

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