“Migraine Muffins” and “PMS Potatoes” on The Doctors

Tune in October 11 to The Doctors to see how your feelings of pain can be lessened not by medication, but by the foods you find in your fridge. Dr. Travis Stork promises that you can reduce pain, fight inflammation, and feel better without drugs. Could fighting chronic pain be a bite away?

First, The Doctors tell viewers about muffins created to fight the duration, frequency, and intensity of migraines, then they move on to a loaded baked potato with each layer strategically designed to fight PMS symptoms. Also on the menu are dill pickles that could ease arthritis and snacks to avoid because they may make migraines and earaches worse.

If some of these concoctions seem like they’re too good to be true, they may be, as some sicknesses are too progressed for one meal to fix. But many studies have shown the symptoms associated with certain medical conditions may be lessened through changes in diet.

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