Jenny McCarthy Comes Clean on Dr. Oz

Tune in on October 15 as Dr. Oz sits down with Jenny McCarthy to talk about her worst health habits. She confesses about her past weight problem and drug addictions, as well as her worst current habit of smoking cigarettes. McCarthy dishes on her energy-boosting secret and how she lost her baby weight. Can Dr. Oz encourage her to come clean and kick her unhealthy habits?

McCarthy began her career as a Playboy model, later turning to roles in movies and television. She became a vocal activist for autism research after her son was diagnosed, claiming that childhood MMR vaccinations caused his disease. She has written several books on the subject of pregnancy, motherhood, and autism, with six books becoming New York Times bestsellers. Her newest book, Bad Habits, chronicles her journey from a devoutly Catholic childhood to her faith today.

Also on the show, Dr. Oz reviews energy drinks on the market today. He finds out what works, what doesn’t, and which drink is right for you.

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