Food Finds: Cabot Reduced-Fat Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Who doesn’t love cheese? I know I do. The big problem with cheese is the saturated fat content. This is an unhealthy fat that you should limit. Cabot makes is easy by taking out most of the fat. That means when the fat is low, the protein is higher and protein helps you stay full.

cabot reduced fat cheddar cheeseA one-ounce serving of 50% reduced fat sharp cheddar has 8 grams of protein and only 2.5 grams of saturated fat. If you don’t know what an ounce of cheese looks like, give me a “thumbs up” and there you have it, it’s about the size of your thumb.

This reduced fat cheese makes a healthy snack between meals. Pair it with a handful of nuts like almonds or pistachios as an afternoon snack instead of hitting up the vending machine. You’ll be sure to be satisfied.

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