Food Finds: 100 Calorie Tortillas from La Tortilla Factory

La Tortilla Factory, better known for their low-carb tortillas, have come out with a new (huge) 100 calorie, whole grain tortilla. One of these bad boys will give you 8 grams of fiber, 20% of your daily calcium needs, and 8% your daily iron needs.

Watch my video for more tips and recipe ideas with these whole wheat, 100 calorie tortillas.

la tortilla factoryI love these tortillas because you can keep them in your desk at work and use them for quick meals and snacks. For example, next time you get a salad for lunch, wrap this tortillas around it so you can get some healthy, whole grain carbs. If you need a pre-exercise snack, you can have a tortilla with some peanut butter and jelly.

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