Dolvett Quince in His Element as a Biggest Loser Trainer

Making his Biggest Loser debut on Season 12, Dolvett Quince has many years working as a trainer and put out his own line of DVDs. He’s the founder of Body Sculptor, Inc., in Atlanta. In this season of the show, he starts off working out with the black team, which is made up of the youngest contestants. However, he says we’ll have to tune in to find out if that gets shaken up or not.

We chat about what the show is like after Jillian, and how he got cast this season. Dolvett also talks about his approach to exercise, and the guilty pleasure he just can’t turn down. Although he’s worked with celebrities like Justin Bieber, Dolvett is not a typical star trainer. He has lots of experience working with obese clients, including someone very near to him. We think Dolvett is a great addition to the show, and can’t wait to see how this season of The Biggest Loser unfolds.

Dolvett Quince and Brandi Koskie

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