Disguise Your Halloween Party as a Guilt-Free Good Time

While some Halloween activities are geared towards children, there are plenty of ways to celebrate as an adult that don’t involve the words “trick or treat.”

If you want to celebrate the most ghoulish holiday of the year with your grown-up friends, think a little classier than candy and round up your scariest snacks and creepiest cocktail recipes to scare up some Halloween party fun.

Offer creepy and crawly (if any) candy. When you’re watching your weight, it’s always best to avoid candy and processed sugar. On Halloween,  if you have your heart set on eating Halloween candy, serve the creepy-crawly variety. Gummy worms and spiders, although high in sugar, are often fat-free and will do less damage to your diet than creamy or chocolate candy.

To add some Halloween spirit to your beverages, freeze additional gummy candy in your ice cubes using this method from One Charming Party. You can use gummy worms, spiders or eyeballs for spooky cocktails, diet soda or even plain ice water.

Opt for orange and black food. Rather than using processed foods full of artificial colors and dyes, pick foods that come in natural Halloween hues of black, orange and dark brown.

Serve a simple autumnal entree like pork tenderloin with fresh side dishes like roasted butternut squash with figs and rosemary, baby spinach and orange salad or beets and oranges with POM port sauce.  For dessert, opt for a marbled pumpkin cheesecake or frozen bananas topped with dark chocolate drizzle.

Serve scary cocktails. No grown-up Halloween party would be complete without a few libations to kick off the evening. For nonalcoholic options, whip up a few batches of angel-devil smoothies or frosty pumpkin smoothies. Populate your table with a fall-friendly nonalcoholic punch like tangerine pomegranate cider. If you want to serve something stronger, opt for Martha Stewart’s sinster cider martini or Lime Tree Cove’s spooky margarita. Just remember that cocktails typically pack a lot of excess calories, so alternate beverages with water or diet soda.

Keep your guests busy. If you’re trying to slim down this year, make your party about more than the food and drinks. Plan a costume contest to help break the ice between guests. Offer prizes for the most creative costumes. While it might seem childish, let your guests channel their inner kid at a pumpkin painting or carving station.

What are your favorite grown-up Halloween party tips?

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