Diet Chef’s Diet Together Program Offers an Incentive for Weight Loss Partners

It’s been long established by now that fitness and weight loss goals are more successful when there’s accountability. Diet Chef, a UK-based company, is tapping in to that truth to help users lose more weight by encouraging them to do so with a partner. The program is called Diet Together.

Diet Chef is a calorie controlled food delivery diet program. They have been helping people lose weight through portion controlled meals that come delivered right to the home.

After a user fills out a profile, the experts at the company determine whether one should be on a 1,500 or 1,200 calories-per-day plan. Once the meals are selected, the perfectly portioned and calorie counted foods come to the door and users can begin eating healthy portioned foods to aid in their weight loss journey.

Since the program has seen so much success they wanted to up the game by offering a deal for users who sign up with a friend. Since partners seem to see even better results in a weight loss plan, Diet Together allows for friends and family to get a discount on Diet Chef food. The tailored program will encourage more “teams” to sign up and help each other accomplish their goals. All users have to do is place a second order on top of their own food order to receive 20% off both deliveries.

Good food, calorie controlled, partners, and a discount right at your door? This offer is looking pretty good. All food for UK customers can be ordered from Diet Chef’s website. At the site there are several testimonials and information about the program. Find a friend, pick out your food, and save some money while you lose that unwanted weight.

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