Carla Triplett’s Back on the Wagon at Biggest Loser Resort

This week we caught up with Carla Triplett, a contestant from Biggest Loser‘s season 7, during her stay at Biggest Loser Resort in Utah. When her season started just shy of two years ago, Carla weighed in as the heaviest woman in the show’s history at 379 pounds. By finale, she had lost a total of 128 pounds, most of that was on her own due to some unfortunate game play that didn’t give her too much time at the ranch.

Today, Carla is still working hard to live her fitter, healthier life, but admits to us that “I fell off the wagon.” While she has never stopped her daily workout regimen, a busy schedule has put her in a position where she finds herself relying on more fast-food than she’d like. While anyone can fall off the wagon, she says you can always get back up… and she’s right! Carla credits her fitness regimen with helping her maintain her weight, not gain, and says that the time at Biggest Loser Resort is helping her to get back on track with the food.

Watch our interview with Carla now as she talks about maximizing the benefits of Biggest Loser Resort, how she plans to make a healthier Thanksgiving this year, and her approach to loving yourself and your body.

Back on track, Carla’s ready to take on Thanksgiving. Instead of hosting her annual potluck-style dinner, she’s preparing the meal, which she says has left some family members “afraid.” She promises the meal will be lower fat, healthier choices that will be delicious. “If I can do something to change what we have and still make it taste good, I think that will be a plus,” she says.

Carla’s got the right attitude when it comes to body image. Calling herself part of the “curvy revolution,” she tells people during her speaking engagements “If you don’t love you, no one is going to love you like you love yourself.” She says we have to embrace who we are and what we are now before we’ll be able to love and be happy with the new person we’re trying to become.

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