Biggest Loser: Families Week 5 Recap

This turned out to be one of the juiciest episodes yet this season! And for good reason- there was a lot going on.

Biggest Loser: Families Week 5 Recap from Diets in Review on Vimeo.

Kudos to the teams for walking into a room with piles of brownies, bagels, peanut butter cups and donuts and sitting idly by. Coleen said it best when she walked into the room, “For someone who hasn’t had baked goods in a month… I could smell them a mile away.” Ali explained the person who consumed the most calories would gain control of the game – the ability to split the teams black for Jillian and blue for Bob.  The lights were turned off and everyone could eat whatever they wanted unseen. Heba tried to take one for the team by eating one donut and leaving things as is, but Amy C. wasn’t feeling it and Phil snuck off to eat peanut butter cups. Heba still prevailed as the biggest calorie consumer.

New Teams
The new teams are as follows:
Jillian: Heba, Amy P., Amy C., Vicky, Brady
Bob: Michelle, Renee, Phil, Coleen, Shellay

The former red team, Phil and Amy P., were not happy and felt Heba‘s decision was reactionary to a grudge. Shellay and Amy seemed to take it just fine.

They marched that hill for 14 hours that day, after a rude-awakening from Ali. Racking up somewhere around 100 miles, the new black team won a two pound advantage at weigh-in.

These are never easy, and the further along the season gets, the harder they get. When all was said and done, Heba was the deciding weigh that pushed blue team passed black. Black team had to decide amongst themselves who to send home. Amy C. wouldn’t know that her mom, Shellay, was gone from the Biggest Loser house until after the four remaining black team remembers returned.

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  1. Little Wings says:

    Nice…. a ‘big’ competition. Don’t be shy if your are overweight. I think it’s okey… Beside that, we must explore our talent or skill to show our existance. or maybe you can join something like beauty competition, like in my country, Miss Big.

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