Bernie’s Biggest Loser Families Recap Episode 6

Biggest Loser Week 6 Recap from Diets in Review on Vimeo.

If it wasn’t evident before it most certainly is now, the game play is officially here! Episode 6 started off pretty normal, each team took a field trip. Bob’s team went to an ab strengthening acrobatics class, while Jillian’s team went to a ropes course. Coleen confronted her fear of heights, while back on the Blue Team Heba realized just how hard aerial acrobatics can be.

This week’s challenge tested contestant’s balance by having them race around a circular balance beam. For every completed lap by a team member a point was given, first team to 25 won. This challenge was a complete blow out! The Blue Team before even getting one point all ended up in the water, as a result they had to sit on the sideline waiting for all of the members of the Black Team to fall in before they were allowed a second chance.  That second chance however never came, the Black Team, thanks to an incredible effort by Renee, shut the Blue Team out with a final score of 25 to 0. For their victory the Black Team received live video’s from home. The Blue team really came across as sore losers by making comments that the prize wasn’t worth the effort. Thankfully, back at the ranch, Bob shared his disappointment in his team’s poor attitudes and reminded them that the most important thing is to always do your best.

Now on to ELIMINATION! I could sit here and type in detail everyone’s weight and play it up, but I won’t, the Blue Team fell below this week losing to the Black Team 3.2% to 2.09%. I will, however, provide you with two contestants weights- Vicki who lost 8 lbs., making her biggest loser of the week, thereby winning immunity from elimination. The other contestant whose weight I would like to draw your attention to is her husband Brady who lost a mind staggering 2 lbs. The look on Bob’s face was priceless! I’m not a betting man, but I would place my money on a certain individual on the Blue team putting up a very big number next week.

Now let’s take a quick step back, Brady, Vicki, and Heba are self-proclaimed best friends on the show, so if by chance the Blue Team had to enter into the elimination room neither one of them would vote for each other. And being that Heba was not getting along with Phil on the Black Team it would only make sense to hit him where it hurts, no not there! By eliminating his wife Amy P., In the end that is who indeed went home, and I’m happy to say she parted with a great deal of class! Amy looks FANTASTIC and is doing a great job at home! Beat of Luck to you Amy P.

Well there you have it- the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. All in favor of game play say I, all oppose say Neigh! Whether you like it or not, the Game Play is here, please share your thoughts, and please keep all comments civilized!

5 Responses to Bernie’s Biggest Loser Families Recap Episode 6

  1. Alicia says:

    I don’t really like the game play this season. I understand that it is a game, but when Vicki said something along the lines of …. some people are here to lose weight and that is honorable too. WHAT?! It’s too much, I kind of wish the format was that the lowest percentage lost goes home.

    I guess it keeps it interesting though!

  2. Brandi says:

    Agreed. The game play always makes things messy. We must not forget this is a reality TV show and a neat and tidy game wouldn’t exactly generate ratings. I do very much appreciate that Bob and Jillian constantly encourage the contestants to focus on their weight loss and try not to think too much about the game aspect. Bernie would know best, but I’d have to think it’s nice to have that support in the face of all the producers and TV magic! 😉

  3. Jordan says:

    The game play is a disgrace to those of us who really want to lose weight. I do have to say though, that NBC structures the show in a way that promotes that type of behavior. Anytime you involve money you will get corruption.

  4. Heidi says:

    Game Play – yes its a game BUT it was never MEAN on the other seasons. When the teams were picked (whoever landed where) the teams have stuck together! I can’t say enough how proud I was of Amy C how hard was it to vote against Brady and not for Amy P like the rest of the people. Vicky is mean – WOW Bob is so nice its so odd to see him with such a mean team. My2 cents, I think VIcky and Brady (maybe even just Vicky) made up the story of what Phil said – I just can’t see phil using the cuss words that they said he did. curious…

  5. Smcguire says:

    I am not fond of the game play, but it really seems vicious this season. I cannot imagine being all about the money… I do not get it, so what you gain weight so you can go on the BL and win the jackpot and get some fame?

    I guess you know it is there and it was there in your season too Bernie, but still, either the evidence of it was not shown as much on TV last season, or this season, there are some players that are just BIG on promoting the game play.

    Personally, I am hoping Vicky goes home soon. I think it is time for another surprise twist, that catches them off guard… PLUS, I look for Brady to put up a big number, but I am HOPING it is Phil who loses enough this next week to sink the whole other team, but you never know.

    Bernie, I miss the players from season 5, it seemed more integrity was shown… maybe I just did not notice.


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