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If you’ve ever tried an online weight loss service, you’ve never tried one like traineo. traineoPLUS is a service that allows you to conveniently record your eating, exercise and progress to goal weight loss. And while that might not sound revolutionary, their newest tool, traineoPLUS, is.traineo

We’re pleased to announce that has partnered with traineoPLUS to deliver a robust weight loss tool that is sure to help men and women alike better manage their new lifestyles.

Based on the scientifically-proven idea that those who regularly record their weight loss efforts are much more likely to reach their goals, and maintain them, traineoPLUS gives its users greater detail and information allowing them even greater opportunity for success. This is because traineoPLUS was created by a team of weight loss experts who have embraced the power of visualization. Recording your weight loss (and gain) each day, you’ll be presented with a highly valuable graph that presents your projected weight loss, what you should do to modify your habits to continue that progress, and the date at which you should reach the goal.

Users receive a daily progress report that explains how much they have left to lose, how much they’ve lost, days to goal and their calorie deficit. Plus, those daily progress reports come with informative and motivational articles, provided exclusively by’s expert team, to give users even more insight on how to manage their fitness, diet and behavioral changes.

Together, traineoPLUS with have partnered to give users a valuable experience that has one goal – helping you to reach your ultimate weight loss goal in a healthy and sustainable way.

Watch this traineoPLUS demo to see the program in action, narrated by Alasdair McLean-Foreman, traineo’s CEO.

traineoPLUS from traineo on Vimeo.

Click here to learn more or sign-up for traineoPLUS.

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