Adam Hurtado Pays it Forward to Atchison, Kansas Community after Biggest Loser Elimination

The gentleness that Adam Hurtado exuded on screen during Biggest Loser shown through in our elimination interview with him. Many were devastated by his untimely exit from the game, except Adam. He says things happen for a reason, and is confident that this was the right time for him to leave, calling the silver lining returning to a supportive family and community.

Adam was one of the biggest targets in the game, having won a challenge that awarded him a progressive pound-off advantage. When the blue team tied their elimination votes in episode six, the black team took full advantage of the opportunity to oust one of their strongest competitors. He says he doesn’t hold the vote against anyone and understands they had to do what they had to do. In fact, he says that while on the ranch he developed what will become life-long friendships, noting a lot of respect for those responsible for his exit.

Listen now as Adam talks to us about his “pay it forward” efforts with the Atchison, Kansas community and YMCA, where he’s volunteered to be the chairman of their weight loss competition. He also talks to us about the varied workouts he does with brother and trainer Ryan, as well as how the Biggest Loser Meal Plan has helped him find weight loss success.

“You can’t go wrong with this food,” he says of the Biggest Loser Meal Plan, a meal delivery program managed by eDiets. He says the food refutes the misconceptions that healthy food is bland and boring.

Adam likes to mix-up his workouts with a variety of activities, saying it makes the act of working out much more enjoyable. Boxing, running, swimming and even kickball are all part of his regimen. He chose to move from Santa Ana, California to Atchison, Kansas where his brother Ryan plays football for Benedictine College, after he realized Ryan is the one person who could replicate the training experience he had with Bob and Jillian. “No matter how hard he pushed me he knew I’d love him at the end of the day,” he says of their intense training relationship.

The bad habit Adam had to work the hardest to overcome was overeating, saying that he was eating portions five-times larger than the normal person should be eating. He also has to keep on driving past fast-food restaurants, but is OK with that considering the success he’s had and that he’s still working hard to achieve. He lost 80 pounds in just six weeks on the ranch, and went home to lose another 60-plus pounds. Adam proudly admits he’s not too far off from his finale goal of 220 pounds, a weight that both he and the doctors agree is attainable for him.

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