Abby Rike – Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

abby rikeIt’s nearly impossible to hear Abby Rike‘s story and not be overwhelmed by sadness. The good news these days though, is that Abby is not. She is positively beaming, even saying there’s more laughter and joy wherever she goes.

Two years ago Abby’s husband, who she calls her “favorite person on the planet,” her young daughter and newborn son were tragically killed in a car accident. In our interview she explains how prior to going to the Biggest Loser ranch her heart wasn’t in life and felt as though she didn’t have anything left to give. She also tells us how she no longer lets one person fulfill her the way her husband did, and feels blessed to have a wide range of supporters.

Today, Abby’s finding joy in the small things. And in our interview with her she laughed, a lot! She says going to the Biggest Loser ranch served as a catalyst for finding the light in her eyes again.

Part of that is learning what it is she really wants out of life. She’s seeking a new career. As a teacher, she’s now looking forward to transitioning to become a speaker, what she says is truly what she wants to do now. Abby will travel the country sharing her story and offering motivation and inspiration to others seeking that.

abby biggest loserShe’s also busy finishing this journey that she’s started – regaining her health. Abby’s currently lost about 82 pounds. She’s taking off the weight, and working on the 15-20 pounds remaining, eating cleanly, counting calories, working out, getting plenty of rest and drinking plenty of water. She enjoys a variety of different fitness classes in her gym, and says she feels strong having “put on a ton of muscle.”

For her diet, she says these days her fast food is from the grocery store. When she’s on the go, she’ll run in and grab carrots and hummus, low-sodium turkey, or Greek yogurt and blueberries. She says these changes are all about choices, and it’s just as easy to run in to the store as it is to hit a drive-thru.

Abby continues to live her life in a ways that makes her feel good, and she’s focused on living presently in the moment. “I’m showing the world I’m still here, I’m still a part of life,” she says.

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