A New Mom’s Date Night in Biggest Loser Body’s Slimming Support Wear

The ultimate test in fitness isn’t so much a scale number as it is the way you fit in your jeans. So just two weeks after having my first baby this past spring I had a crazy moment and decided to slip into the jeans that had fit perfectly just nine months prior. No go. Disappointed? Of course. But it only fueled my already lit fire to get back in shape. While I’m really proud of the progress I’ve made in the past 5.5 months – the jeans fit and I recently completed my first half-marathon –  there’s still work to do.

Fast forward to a recent date night with my husband and I, of course, wanted to look my best. All the new-mom doubt about how I look turned on as soon as I slid the jeans on. They fit, but not how I’d like. So on this night, I decided to try my new Biggest Loser Body shaping capri. They’re Biggest Loser‘s version of Spanx – an elastic capri pant that seamlessly slides under your clothes to present a more smooth figure.

I’ve done the Spanx thing under slim-fitting dresses before, but never under pants. I was thrilled when the top I was wearing seemed to go from frump to fab. That extra “whatever” around my middle seemed to disappear. Best of all, I was comfortable!

I didn’t give the capri a second thought the rest of the night, and even scored a compliment from the hubs! Although, once back home, it totally had the “stuffed bra after a date” affect.

So what are these things all about? BL Body is the brand’s new clothing line, “inspired by The Biggest Loser.” They offer a full line of active clothing including mesh tees, pants, tanks, and hoodies, as well as the new shaping products. Click these links to see all of the shaping wear, ranging in price for $15-$20, which includes high-waist briefs, high-waist shorts, a tummy and bust enhancer, and the capris.

BL Body worked with Bruno Schiavi, a lingerie designer who has also recently worked with the Kardashian sisters on their new apparel brand. They have a totally granny-panty high-waist style, but with that comes a lot of flattering support. They help shape your tummy and thighs and round the booty. The packaging talks a lot about the breathability, but under my jeans I didn’t experience that. Maybe the fabric, my jeans, or the humid weather is to blame.

The capris that I tried are quite budget-friendly at just $14.99 a pair and will be available at 4700 Rite Aid stores nationwide October 26. For the rest of the BL Body apparel, pricing ranges from $25 for a BL Body mesh logo tee with a Biggest Loser logo to $72.50 for a French terry hoodie, available from HSN (Home Shopping Network) starting October 21.

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While Biggest Loser provided us with sample product, this review is not sponsored in any way and remains Brandi’s own opinion.

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