7 Things You Need to Know to Have a Healthy Day

Thanks to Cosmo Radio for inspiring this, as they offer the original 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Go every morning (but their version relates to fashion and celebrities. My version is diet, fitness, exercise and health related.)

businesswomanThese are the 7 things you need to know before you leave the house to have the most fit and healthy day possible.

1. How much sleep did you get the night before? Getting enough sleep is an important key to maintaining a healthy weight and having enough energy to get your exercise choices accomplished.

2. Nothing, eggs and bacon, or peanut butter toast? Studies have shown that a healthy breakfast helps jump start your metabolism, and the best choice is a complex carbohydrate and protein combination. Eggs and bacon might taste yummy, but it’s a higher fat choice.

3. Where’s your water bottle? Drinking enough water during the day keeps your body hydrated and helps you lose weight. Often, we reach for food when we are actually thirsty. To avoid a plethora of waste, buy a refillable bottle and then drain it every hour. If the idea of that much water makes you crazy, add in a flavored drink packet.

4. What about lunch? Don’t leave the house without your lunch. Relying on fast food choices is a quick road to the wrong foods. Take a few minutes to pull together a salad with some chopped chicken breast or even a healthy frozen meal and pair it with a piece of fruit. You will be so glad you did when noon rolls around!

5. Do you have your sneakers? Can you walk to work? Walk from the bus stop? Run the stairs during part of your lunch hour? Adding in exercise in small bursts can help you maintain that trim waistline.

6. Do you have a couple of healthy snacks within easy reach? Stashing a small baggie of trail mix or almonds, a protein bar or some fruit leather in your purse, vehicle or desk can save you when the mid-day munchies strike.

7. Put on your game face! Go out there with a positive mental attitude and a can-do spirit and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what great healthy choices you make!

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