5 Things You Must Know About Breast Cancer Prevention, but Probably Don’t

The guest blog today is written by Jade, an author specializing in disease prevention and alternative health information, writing at HealthMiracles.net.

1.  Your underwire bra is highly suspect!
A healthy lymphatic system is key to cancer prevention.  It cleans out toxins and waste products in our blood and is fueled by proper blood circulation.  Many important lymph nodes are located in the armpit area.  The wire from a bra commonly cuts off circulation in that area, disabling the lymph system to properly eliminate cancer-causing waste materials we accumulate.

2. Plastic water bottles can’t be trusted!
It is known that carcinogens are released from plastic bottles when exposed to sunlight.  Although you can be careful not to expose your bottled water to sunlight, who is to say how much exposure it received in transit?To be on the safe side, purchase a home filtration system and stock up on a few re-usable water bottles like SIGG (Swiss Engineered Water Bottles).

3. Milk consumption is linked to breast cancer.
Doing a search on google for “milk and breast cancer” will return many studies linking milk consumption to breast cancer.

However beware switching to soy milk!

Soy contains isoflavones, a plant-like estrogen which mimics human estrogen.  Since most breast cancers depend on keeping estrogen levels low, drinking a lot of soy is suspected to do more harm than good.  Experts recommend 100 milligrams of isoflavones a day.  The important thing to realize here is we are already unknowingly consuming a lot of soy as it makes it’s way into a wide variety of food products.

Healthier alternatives without negative studies attached to them are:
– Goat’s milk
– Rice milk
– Almond milk

4.  Mammogram check-ups linked to cancer!

The most shocking of them all is that the cancer prevention check-up is linked to actually causing cancer itself!

A shocking article on Dr. Mercola’s site exposes negative outcomes of mammograms such as:
– They expose your body to radiation up to 1,000 times greater than that from a chest x-ray.
– It compresses your breasts tightly, and often painfully, which could lead to a lethal spread of cancerous cells, should they exist.
– Women have unnecessarily undergone mastectomies, radiation and chemotherapy after receiving false positives on a mammogram.
– Just thinking you may have breast cancer, when you really do not, focuses your mind on fear and disease, and is actually enough to trigger an illness in your body.

A healthy alternative recommended by Dr. Mercola is Thermography.

5.  Some Companies Promoting a Cure are Part of the Problem
Organizations such as Think Before you Pink are urging you to call companies out on the fact that their products, despite their pink ribbons, are part of the problem because they manufacture products that are linked to the disease!

Learn more ways to prevent breast cancer through fitness and nutrition.

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5 Responses to 5 Things You Must Know About Breast Cancer Prevention, but Probably Don’t

  1. Jade, all of your points are highly suspect as incorrect. Do you have any supportive evidence other than your say-so?

    Breast cancer is too serious to be treated so cavalierly.

  2. Dr. Parker,
    Why is this blog cavalier. We need to start looking at PREVENTION rather than only focusing on detection. Proper lymphatic function is important to good health. Plastic water bottles are suspect and should be avoided, to reduce the exposure to estrogen mimics. The macrobiotic community finds many links between dairy and breast cancer and we should be open minded enough to look at it. Mammograms are not indicated for many women, especially young women with dense breasts.
    Thermography is an underutilized FDA approved option. Parabens in cosmetics have been found in the breast tissue of women with cancer and we should be moving toward cleaner cosmetics. Until we know what causes breast cancer, we must do all we can to PREVENT it.
    Staying open minded to all the possibilites is a start.

  3. jessica says:

    I like Hillary Smith’s comments. There are just so many more chemicals today than there were 20 years ago. Young girls are encouraged to
    use makeup, dye their hair, sugar free drinks, etc. at the age of 12. By the time a girl is 18, can you figure out what she has been exposed to?

  4. Jade says:

    Dr. Parker,

    I find it amazing how studies people perform find stunning discoveries that link bras to cancer and continue to be regarded as unfounded by the medical and scientific communities.

    It isn’t hurting me to not wear a wire bra (I wear camisoles), I’m not taking some strange concoction with questionable ingredients…I’m deciding and sharing with others that hey, maybe not wearing a wire bra is a good precaution to preventing breast cancer.

    The denial of the link by the medical community is reminiscent of the early warnings of global warming that many rejected.

    Whether you agree with the study or the qualifications of the people who performed the study, I do believe that a healthy lymphatic system is our ally in preventing cancer. Whenever I have pain and tension in my shoulders or throbbing in my breasts it goes away when I stop wearing wire bras and get a deep tissue massage (which is essentially getting the lymph circulating). This is enough for me and a good cancer precaution in my eyes.

    I don’t think we should all just wait until the medical community decides that it might cause cancer after all.

    As far as plastic bottles it is well known and been reported on in the mainstream media. Especially over Bisphenol A (BPA).

    It is not surprising that those disproving it on Snopes are SURPRISE- according to the International Bottled Water Association. Geez I’m really going to take to heart what they say! Does that make sense to you that those who make their money with plastic bottles can be trusted to determine if that’s ok for me or not? I don’t think so.

    In short no one should wait and take no action in their own health because the medical and FDA hasn’t proved it yet. Are they God? Preventive Health is something they won’t preach to us. Our health and disease prevention has to be taken into our own hands.

    I wanted to paste the urls of all the resources in here for you but my comment doesn’t seem to submit with the links in here :/

    I can send you the link via email if you like.

  5. sophia jason says:

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