2011 Komen Race for the Cure Series Offers Races for All Fitness Levels

The Susan G. Komen foundation is gearing up for another fantastic year of fund raising through The Race for the Cure Series. This series of 5K runs and fitness walks contribute to the world’s largest and most successful education and fund raising event for breast cancer.

Since 1983, the Komen Race for the Cure events have celebrated survivors, honored those who have lost their battles, and raised awareness about breast cancer. The event started in 1983 with one race and 800 people. Today, over 1.6 million people are participating on four different continents.

The Race for the Cure Series includes options for all fitness levels.

Competitive 5Ks, non-timed 5Ks, and 1 to 2 mile walks are options at most of the events. Events often include a race for children as well. Another option for those wanting to participate, yet may not be available is the “Sleep In for the Cure.” With this option, one may donate their money and have a shirt mailed to them.

This spectacular event takes place in many cities across the U.S. and each year, the races continue to grow. In 2010, the largest Race for the Cure to date took place in St. Louis. Over 70,000 people participated in one or more of the many fitness challenges. Other notable turnouts were found in Denver, Columbus, Houston, and Indianapolis. While not every city had the highest number of people, they made up for it in highest funds raised. New York City, Philadelphia, and Houston were the top fund raisers in 2010.

As the series kicks off, there are some new things happening in 2011. Acting Director for the Race for the Cure Series Melissa Aucoin shared some of the new things to look for. Aucoin explained that a new 10K component is being added to many race sites. This longer distance is being added to enhance the event to the running communities. At twice the distance, hopefully even more runners will turn out for a Race for the Cure event.

Some trends are growing among the event as well. Aucoin explained how team building is a very popular trend. Teams are forming to raise funds and participate in an event together. “It really enhances the experience,” said Aucoin.

As participation grows, Aucoin explained how many are still nervous to commit to a race. She wants to stress how important it is for people to know that Race for the Cure is for everyone. Whether it’s running the 5K, or walking a mile, Aucoin said, “it’s very achievable, easy to do for all fitness levels.” When the cause is so worthy, the challenge is worth the effort.

The Komen Race for the Cure Series is popping up in cities every weekend. Check their website for information regarding locations, race information, and impactful reasons to sign up and race for a cure today.

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