100,000 Pounds of Weight Loss on The Doctors

The Doctors share weight loss secrets on their October 25 episode as they give you 100,000 pounds worth of dieting inspiration.

The show will feature true weight loss stories of people who have lost huge amounts of weight – 50, 100, and even 200 pounds – to motivate you on your journey of weight loss.

We here at Diets in Review know how difficult it can be to lose those needed amounts of body fat. Some turn to traditional diets, weight loss pills, new fitness regimens, a different approach to eating, or a mixture of these to find the right approach for each individual. So if others can do it, you can too!

Plus, get an extra bit of help from Dr. Travis as he shares his gut-blasting smoothie recipe.

Some of our favorite True Weight Loss Stories:

Chris Deacon Lost 200 Pounds and Finished the Chicago Marathon

Sisters Cara and Brianne Lost 200 Pounds Together

Julia Kozerski Documents 160 Pound Weight Loss with Her iPhone

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