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Viafem is a female libido supplement containing herbs meant to improve blood flow for better stimulation during sex.  It has within it all-natural aphrodisiacs meant to improve stamina, lubrication, and heighten overall sensitivity.

It’s said to have a safe formulation which is activated within 30 to 45 minutes.  So taking a capsule about a half hour before one wants to engage in sexual activity is advised. Only one capsule a day is recommended, as higher amounts can potentially cause restlessness and headaches.

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Added to the formula in Viafem is:

 L-Arginine HCL Oat Straw Seed Sage Leaf Damiana Leaf
Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Ginseng Root Ginger Root Licorice Root

Oat Straw Seed:  Herb with a traditional use in Ayurvedic practices as a way to improve mood, sexuality, and the nervous system. It comes from the same plant with oatmeal is made from. This has within it B vitamins and other trace minerals.

Web MD notes that this can lead to the following side effects if not started off at low dosage strength:

  • Bloating and intestinal gas.

Sage Leaf: Evergreen shrub that is in the mint family. This is used to support brain function, and it also has trace tannins. As a female sexual aid this is used to reduce pain during menstruation, including hot flashes.

When taken in either high does or for a long period, Web MD states this can lead to:

  • Poisoning like effects, miscarriage, and reduced blood sugar.

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Damiana Leaf: Commonly used as an aphrodisiac, this wild shrub is used to boost mental and physical stamina, and prevent sexual issues. has said that this ingredient has:

“Not much evidence”

Web MD also states this can lead to symptoms related to:

“strychnine poisoning”

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf: Traditionally used in many cultures as a supplement for general wellness, this ingredient is used for improve circulation, and the prevention of sexual issues.

Ginger Root: Spice used in traditional medicine as a way to help treat stomach related issues such as indigestion, nausea, gas, and irritable bowel syndrome.  It’s also used to help prevent inflammation, support breast milk production, and to improve the immune system.

Higher amounts have shown the possibility for side effects including:

  • Stomach discomfort, diarrhea, and heartburn.
  • Increased menstruation bleeding, pregnancy issues, and changes in sex hormones.

Licorice Root: Herbal ingredient that is sued for the treatment of digestive issues, and often mixed with Panax ginseng such as in this brand, in order to further maximize effects.

It has been used to help prevent infertility in women. When taken in large amounts for a period longer than 4 weeks, Web MD states it can potentially cause unwanted side effects:

  • Reduced potassium levels, high blood pressure, and paralysis.
  • Weakness, brain damage, and loss of menstruation.

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Some of the ingredients in this such as Gingko Biloba, Ginseng Root, and Arginine HCL have the ability to support blood flow and provide aphrodisiac benefits. These have been well-regarded by 3rd party clinical studies.

There are some additives in this like licorice root, damiana, and ginger root which can lead to potential side effects. Also, some ingredients in this have only been shown to be potentially beneficial for menstruation, and they have no benefits at all in improving libido.

Because there are questionable additives, it’s unclear what it can truly do.  Most of what is potentially beneficial in this brand is already found within countless many other brands. So one has to take into account the questionable additives which are understudied, potentially unsafe, or both.

There are different 3rd party websites which show the ingredients and it appears much more is added, but it’s far too blurry to make out what else is included besides the active ingredients. It appears food coloring is added as inactive ingredients, but it’s unknown what kinds.

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Though available via 3rd parties, there is no information from an official website to help determine what a standard price would be. One 3rd party website sells for 13.89 pounds, which is $18.19 dollars at the time of this review.

This is for 10 capsules so it averages to $1.81 per capsule, or just under 2 dollars for a day of use. This is a standard price for similar supplements with the same basic formula.  In judging the formula while it no doubt has some useful aphrodisiacs and additives which can improve female sexuality, there ae also questionable ingredients which are lacking sufficient studies.

There is a possibility for side effects from certain additives as well, and this can be potentially damaging in certain users. The lack of an official website also makes it questionable, as none of the 3rd party websites offer a money back return policy. By making all sales final even in the case of side effects, it leaves doubt as to why on would try a generic formula like this.

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It appears there used to be an official website, but they have since sold the domain and only 3rd party websites offer  Viafem. It’s likely that this is a UK based company, as all the websites which sell it only offer it in pounds for money.

One website has an unclear image of the back of the product which says it is distributed by a company, and there is an address. Though because it’s so blurry it’s impossible to determine what it actually says.

In looking at countless websites it appears that only 3rd party websites sell this however. So you can’t determine what kinds of standards the company upholds, and it’s not known if they continue to make this.

It could be this is now discontinued since they have abandoned their official website domain, and there have been issues with experienced product according to user reviews.

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Not many reviews are found online but here is a small sample from customers:

“Arrived quickly but it didn’t work for me”

“I was really excited to finally try this but It didn’t work, such a waste of money”

“Came expired so I wasn’t able to use it”

“Need something stronger because I didn’t notice any benefits at all”

Overwhelmingly people were very disappointing, in scanning many websites it appears there were only 2 positive reviews. Though it does not appear side effects were an issue, people were greatly disappointed with the lack of effects. This caused many to label it a waste of time and money, and one user was sent an expired product. It’s unknown if this is because the product is discontinued, or if there were issues from the 3rd party retail site.

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The formula in Viafem is very basic and often used in countless other brands. The company is not known and you can’t get a money back return from any 3rd party. There are suspicious as well that the company who makes this brand has discontinued it, so it’s possible one would be buying a dated and potentially expired product, as one user had this issue. Without knowing more about the company there is no way to determine if they are reputable. Furthermore, there is the issue with it being made in the UK, as one may have to pay an import tax and wait some time to get a hold of it if one is not based there. User reviews were primarily negative, with people failing to see any benefits.

By evaluating many female libido supplements, our experts noted that Libitrinex was overwhelmingly better than others. They add only natural ingredients, all of which are highly favorited and shown to be effective in clinical studies. Users have also said it helped deliver notable differences in their overall sexual function.

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