Tune In: Curtis Stone on Biggest Loser

curtis stoneHe’s back at the ranch and sure to bring even more healthy cooking knowledge! Tune in tonight, September 22, to the second episode of Biggest Loser to see what this attractive chef is serving. Curtis Stone is the Aussie chef who first showed up at Biggest Loser during season 7 with recipes so good it was hard to believe they were good for us. Now he’s back to help the newest cast of Biggest Loser contestants overcome their old habits in the kitchen by introducing healthier tips and tricks that anyone can use to make delicious, healthy meals.

Tonight Curtis also has a pop quiz prepared for the contestants, sure to test their nutrition knowledge. It might only be week two, but we’re hoping to see nothing but right answers.

If you missed his season seven appearance, then you must try these recipes:

7 Layer Dip – King crab, lima beans, yogurt and more replace the traditional version of this appetizer, just in time for football season!

Turkey and Black Bean Chili – Now that fall has arrived, it’s the perfect time to simmer this hearty new chili recipe.

Rosemary Skewered Chicken with Orange Glaze – Rosemary sprigs replace wooden skewers for a simple dish that will impress any dinner guest.

Grilled and Spiced Chicken with Cucumber Yogurt Sauce – Rich in flavor, you didn’t know eating well could taste so good!

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