The Healing Powers of Olive Leaves

olive leafYou’ve heard about extending an olive branch. Well, olive leaves may extend your life. Researchers in Germany and Switzerland have looked at how sets of identical human twins with borderline hypertension responded to taking olive leaf extract.

The people who took the highest daily dosage of olive leaf extract (1,000 milligrams) got the most benefits, significantly lowering their cholesterol and blood pressure when compared to the group that took 500 milligrams.

Olive leaves have been used medicinally for thousands of years in ancient Egypt and Greece.

2 Responses to The Healing Powers of Olive Leaves

  1. Wow. That’s good to know. Even before I am hearing good use of olive leaf.

  2. Makes sense to me.

    Anything that comes from the olive tree is great in my books! Olives, olive oil, and their wonderful oleic acid. Now, the leaf extract is just another bonus!

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