Ten Pounds Lost in Six Weeks on Nutrisystem

For 16 weeks, Lori Jackson, a mom of three and grandmother to two, will be checking in with DietsInReview.com to share her personal experience with Nutrisystem. The good, the bad, and everything in between, see first-hand how the Nutrisystem program works.

Nutrisystem Week 8

I hope everyone had a cooler week. It has been a trying month for me with moving and a lot of other changes. One thing I changed was my address with the post office. Not knowing that Nutrisystem ships with UPS. Thus, my box of food did not get forwarded to me this month. I have not been able to check my mail to find that it was delivered via UPS. So I will go in search of my box of food tomorrow. But with that said I have been able to lose a couple pounds this month just eating regular food.  That gives me hope that when this trial period is over I will be able to maintain and even lose the weight that I still need to lose.

I have had to pick up my exercises in the evenings now because it is not so hot at work. That was a bit frustrating, for when I get home I am still just as tired but I am trudging through and making it fun.  It is so important to maintain your exercises while watching what you eat.

Even with losing 10 pounds so far, I cannot believe how much energy I have now!  I cannot wait to see what happens to my energy level when the next ten pounds is gone. It is really exciting! My clothes fit better which in turn makes me feel better. I have not dropped a clothing size YET…  but in the clothes I have there is more room in them. I love it!

Thanks so much Nutrisystem for starting me off on the right foot. The Nutrisystem meal plan is just what I needed to get started on this weight loss goal I have had forever. At least it seems like I have had this goal for forever.

I have been going to our farmers market every Saturday morning and getting all the fresh fruits and veggies I have needed for the week. They taste way better than the store bought produce. And it gets me out in the morning air and walking around looking at all the good things to eat. Now there are a couple of booths that have the homemade sweet things, but now I just look and don’t take. Those things are pretty good tasting but they are really no good for me and my weight loss goal. So for now I will just look and remember and then have one of the tasty snack items that Nutrisystem sends me. And really, those snacks are pretty darn good!

Have a great week and enjoy the cooler weather, which is wonderful for walking in the evenings.

All products have been supplied by Nutrisystem as part of their Nutrisystem15 program. Views expressed here are my own.

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