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SnoreMeds is a mouthpiece that is designed to open the airways through the nose and mouth during sleep that can sometimes be partially blocked by the tongue. Snoring is generally a sign that the user is not getting as much air as they should while sleeping, and as a result their sleep is not as restful.

The product is plastic mouthpiece that holds the tongue and soft pallet open naturally, allowing air to flow through more freely, leading to less snoring and deeper, more restful sleep.

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 SnoreMeds Ingredients and Side Effects

As mentioned, the product is not a supplement, but rather a plastic mouth guard that is designed to fit your mouth and open up airways in order to prevent snoring. That said, we will list what is included in a standard package that a consumer would order, and how the process is designed to work:

Mouthpiece Spatula Anti-Bacterial Container

The mouthpiece is inserted and the intention is that the lower-jaw will be moved forward slightly, which opens the throat a bit more, decreasing any obstruction and allowing more air to be taken in with each breath. They also include emergency holes within them that allow the user to breathe through their mouths if necessary.

The product website explains in detail how to insert the mouth guard and adjust it as necessary using the included spatula. They also include details as to how to store the product using the anti-bacterial container, how to regularly clean the mouth piece, and molding instructions.

Unfortunately, the use of snore guards and mouth pieces can lead to some uncomfortable side effects, such as:

  • Pains in gums and teeth, change in bite, and sleep bruxism

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SnoreMeds Quality of Ingredients

There has been some debate within the medical community as to the safety of snore guards or corrective mouth guards that are used for sleep. There are many that believe that heavy snoring is a potential sign of a more serious condition like sleep apnea. In general, snore and sleep guards have not been shown to be helpful in treating sleep apnea, particularly over-the-counter ones. Sleep apnea itself can lead to issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, increased chances of stroke, memory problems, and impotence.

The SnoreMeds website does not offer any clinical studies through their promotional material that proves that their product benefits consumers in any way other that decreased amount of snoring. Therefore, while it may help with snoring, it won’t help the potentially serious underlying cause of snoring or bad sleep.

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The Price and Quality of SnoreMeds

The SnoreMeds come in different sizes and models for men and women, and are sold in one, two, or four packs. Each mouth guard is designed to last a year before it needs to be replaced, though they recommend that you replace the guard every three to four months because of wear and tear. The price for a single SnoreMed package is $46.95 plus shipping and handling. The two-pack goes for $66.95, while the four-pack is $94.95

Paying that monthly price is definitely on the high side of many sleep aid competitors, and there does not seem to be a lot of clinical data to back up its effectiveness. To the company’s credit they do offer free-shipping on your first order and a 45-day money back guarantee on all orders, so that if the product is found to be ineffective, it will not just be a sunk cost to the user.

The website claims that there is an 85% chance that the product will stop you from snoring on the vest first night, but does not offer any clinical data to back up this assertion. If it does not immediately stop you from snoring, the mouthpiece will need to be remolded.

Business of SnoreMeds

The manufacturer or SnoreMeds also appears to go by the name SnoreMeds, and they offer different sizes and molding for men and women, and people of different sizes. Here is some of their contact information:

Address: 616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-5109, Valley Cottage, NY 10989

Phone Number: No phone number is offered.

Email: No email address is offered, but there is a page through which consumers can submit questions electronically.

The company is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau and does not appear to have any lawsuits or litigation that is currently pending against it.

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Customer Opinions of SnoreMeds

SnoreMeds only appears to be sold through the manufacturer’s website, and is not available through other online vendors such as Amazon or in stores. This means that it can be difficult to locate objective reviews of the product online, but we were able to track down some. For the most part, people seemed to find the product uncomfortable and not effective enough to be worth the effort.

Here are some of the reviews we could find online:

“The product was reasonably priced, but I found it to be uncomfortable to use and didn’t really stop my snoring.”

“It has decreased the volume of my snoring according to my wife, but I keep trying to mold it right, but I haven’t gotten there yet.”

“The lower price is nice, but the inexact fitting process and sometimes uncomfortable positioning of the jaw make it a gamble.”

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Conclusion – Does SnoreMeds Work?

As a snore guard, SnoreMeds seems to perform mixed to negatively. Though there are not a lot of customer reviews for the product online, the ones that we did find stated that it was uncomfortable for them use, difficult to adjust, but they did compliment the competitive price of the product and some stated that it helped reduce their snoring somewhat.

The bigger issue is that of snore guards such as SnoreMeds in general. It has been shown the using a mouth guard for sleep, even under a doctor’s consent which SnoreMeds is not, can lead to negative side effects like bleeding or irritation of gums, and sleep bruxism which is the grinding of teeth at night. Furthermore, if you’re a consumer that is snoring so loudly and disruptively that you are considering using a mouth guard, then you may also may only be treating a symptom but not any of the real problems, such as obesity, sleep apnea, or receding jaw issues, all of which should be handled by a doctor, not an online mouth guard.

Fenotrex is currently the top-ranked sleep aid out of the hundreds of sleep aids and supplements that are available online and over the counter, mostly because of its strong blend of ingredients and countless satisfied customers. The reason it is so popular and highly rated is because it allows users to get restful sleep, and wake up with energy.

The main ingredients of Fenotrex have been studied independently and found to be effective in combating some area of sleeplessness. The product is also produced in a GMP approved facility. To learn more about how Fenotrex could help you, just click here.

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