Sereno Eye Cream Review (UPDATED 2019): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Sereno Eye Cream is a cream that was designed to revitalize the skin around the eyes. The official website claims this product may be used as a lower cost alternative to procedures or injections.

Sereno Eye Cream works to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles, creating a youthful look with regular use. Additionally, this product may help reduce puffiness and bags under the eyes.

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Sereno Eye Cream Ingredients and Side Effects

Sereno Eye Cream may contain the ingredients we’ve profiled below. Because there’s no clear official website and no product label posted, we don’t know if these are, in fact the active ingredients. Regardless, here’s a look at what is reportedly included in this blend:

Vitamin C Acetyl-Hexapeptide-3

Acetyl-Hexapeptide-3: An ingredient also known as argireline, is a synthetic peptide developed by a Spanish company known as Lipotec. This substance limits facial movement—like a topical form of Botox—reducing the visible signs of aging with use—wrinkles, expression lines, etc.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C has a wide range of skin benefits. It is thought to firm up sagging skin by stimulating the production of collagen. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant. This ingredient works to neutralize the free radicals created from things like pollution or sun damage.

And, vitamin C may also reduce brown and red spots with use, due the the vitamin’s ability to help the skin to heal itself.

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Sereno Eye Cream Quality of Ingredients

We never get to see an actual product label for Sereno Eye Cream, which may be one of the least offensive strikes against it.

We found a blog post that profiled this product, and it seems that the active ingredients may be vitamin C and acetyl-hexapeptide-3.  These ingredients may work to reduce free radical damage and increase collagen production with use, but it remains to be seen—we don’t know what’s actually in this product, meaning it could contain harmful ingredients or be made almost entirely from filler items.

Sereno Eye Cream appears to have been created for the sole purpose of enrolling consumers in a shady free trial scam—it’s not a credible eye cream and consumers should try a product from an established brand. Peptides and vitamin C are not hard to come by.

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The Price and Quality of Sereno Eye Cream

Sereno Eye Cream does not appear to be sold on the official website, but users may sign up for a free trial, in which they provide their credit card information to cover shipping and handling fees.

The site features a lot of broken links, redirects to different products and no information regarding pricing. Nor do we ever get to see a product label.

Sereno Eye Cream, according to those who have been caught up in the autopay cycle, is $85 for a one-month supply. But, it’s worth noting that it contains some effective active ingredients and consumers do really seem to love this product.

Amazon, however, does sell this product from a handful of third-party sellers—for $69.59, plus shipping—for a 15 mL jar.

Most people likely are wary of spending upwards of $80 on an eye cream, much less one that never provides any critical product info. Based on the information we’ve gathered, it’s fair to assume this cream is not a good value.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

Business of Sereno Eye Cream

The first thing we noticed when we began our research into Sereno Eye Cream was, there were a lot of mentions of scams everywhere from RipOff Report to Amazon.

According to several past users, the makers of Sereno Eye Cream are engaging in a free trial scam—asking consumers to pay the shipping charges for a free trial, and two weeks later, $85 is charged to their card.

While the reviews for this product, aside from scam mentions look pretty good, it’s clear that this company is not particularly trustworthy.

On the Better Business Bureau site, the company comes off as defensive and seems confused by consumers’ requests for reimbursement.

Sereno Eye Cream is meant to be used alongside another product known as Joven Skin Care, which runs consumers another $89.95 per 30-day supply.

In addition to the questionable sales techniques, this company has been accused of using unauthorized images of Martha Stewart, claiming the personality as a celebrity spokesperson. They’ve also been pretending that this product was endorsed by Good Housekeeping.

Another issue is, there’s no clear website for this product. A website known as features marketing language for Sereno Eye Cream, along with prompts for users to claim their free trial.

Those calls to action link to different products, also offering a free trial. Of all the creams associated with this company (whoever they may be), none of them come with any pricing information or a coherent list of benefits.

Customer Opinions of Sereno Eye Cream

Sereno Eye Cream does not have good reviews. Because this company does not appear to follow basic business practices, it seems unlikely that this product would live up to the expectations advertised.

Yet, despite all the claims of fraudulent charges, hard to cancel auto-pay cycles and other red flags, some users thought this product was worth giving a chance.

Below, we’ve included some of the comments people posted online about their experience with Sereno Eye Cream:

“I’ve yet to see any meaningful results from using Sereno. Wish I just went to Sephora or something and asked the employees for help. This product is both expensive and useless. Stay far away from them!”

“Don’t fall for this nonsense. Any beauty product that needs to trick people into making a purchase likely isn’t worth trying. Wish I had known better—now I’m saddled with this ineffective cream.”

“I’ve only been using Sereno Eye Cream for just over a week and I have mixed feelings. Not sure I like the marketing, but I think I’m starting to see a difference. We’ll see how it goes.”

“Beware, this product is a total scam. They suck you in with a free trial offer and two weeks later, you’re on the hook for $85 every month until you can manage to get in touch with a customer service rep.”

Sereno Eye Cream has pretty dismal reviews. Most users reported that this product has simply a scam, and didn’t expand much on whether or not the physical product worked.

Understandably, the negative customer service experience likely soured the idea of using this cream.

Though this product was featured on Amazon, we still never learn anything new about the ingredient profile—the e-commerce site does not include a label and no users posted one themselves or commented on the formula.

In all, it’s telling that the most positive comment we found in the reviews was that a user had “mixed feelings” about the cream. Likely, this person was trying to justify an expensive experience and not waste the product.

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Conclusion – Does Sereno Eye Cream Work?

We do not recommend Sereno Eye Cream. It’s clear this company cannot be trusted, based on their unauthorized endorsements, their tricking people into signing up for a free trial and more—there’s no reason anyone should buy this product.

Sereno Eye Cream doesn’t come with a list of ingredients, and even if they did, it’s likely this company would lie about its contents. Customer reviews were few and far between, but those we found highlighted a sense of disappointment—both with the efficacy of this product, and the fact that some of these consumers got trapped in an unethical sales scheme.

Even the reported ingredients don’t make sense. Vitamin C and argerine are not especially rare—especially given all the beauty brands at every single price point—we have access to so many legitimate options from the drug store to the designer brands.

Kremovage is our experts’ top choice when it comes to eye creams. The makers of this product know that the skin around the eye is more delicate than the rest of the face, and prone to wrinkles and damage. This product uses nourishing ingredients like green tea, jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid and others to prevent crow’s feet, reduce puffiness and erase dark circles for good.

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